Hand Lettered Special Occasion Plate

Special Occasion Lettered Plate

Every now and then, all of us have special days. A birthday. An anniversary. A great report card, an award, or a promotion. We all have reasons to celebrate. One way our family likes to make those days extra festive is by using a special occasion plate. The lucky guy or gal gets to use it as one more way to party! It’s fun for everyone and so easy to create one for your family…here’s how.

Special Occasion Plate

You’ll need:
Permanent Ceramic Paint Markers
Light Colored Plate

That’s it! Really! I bought this particular plate at Walmart for a whopping 88 cents. For that price, you may want to make a few just in case several folks in your house are celebrating at the same time! These make great gifts too.

Hand Lettered Dessert Plate

All you do is write/draw your design on the plate in any way you like! I chose to letter a more generic message, “It’s Your Day!” so that the plate works equally well for a birthday or another occasion. I used a brush alphabet for two of the words and a block alphabet for, “your,” then added pizzazz by making a bunch of colored dots around the rim of the plate. If you’re new to hand lettering and this looks totally intimidating, I promise it’s not as hard as you think!! Check out my Basic Hand Lettering posts to get started and you’ll be creating something just like this in no time, honestly.

Hand Lettered Plate

I used a blue, teal, and green color palette for this project so that it works well for everyone in our family and matches my kitchen too! Feel free to play around with any colors and designs you like. Once you have a design in place, just place the plate in a cool oven then bake it for 40 minutes at 375 degrees Farenheit. Allow it to cool completely in the oven, then remove it and it’s ready to use. What special occasions would your family celebrate with a plate like this one?

Hand Lettered Special Occasion Plate

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