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Welcome back to our Brush Script alphabet series! This month, we’re taking a closer look at how to form each letter, and today it’s time to focus on our “i”s. Brush Script is the most popular of all the hand lettering fonts; a style created by controlling the pressure we apply to the brush pen in order to create a mixture of thick and thin lines within each letter.

If you’re unfamiliar with brush technique, you’ll want to check out this basic brush stroke information and practice first! If you’ve been following along and have gotten the hang of it, it’s time we move on to our letter of the day – let’s go!


The simplest way to draw a capital I is by making a straight downstroke with horizontal strokes on the top and bottom. Although it looks more like print than script, I often find that I prefer this look to the more cursive version. It’s also very easy to draw, which is another point in its favor!

If you prefer more of a traditional script style, here’s another version you can use. This shape is a loop, but it’s formed in the opposite direction of the loops we make for many of our other letters. Instead of an upstroke that loops up and over to the left, we begin with an upstroke that loops up and over to the right. This means the thick downstroke is on the right side of the letter.


The lowercase “i” is one of the simplest letters in the alphabet. It’s basically just a short downstroke that curves back up at the end so it can connect to the next letter. Then, all that’s left is a dot on top.

Here are two free printable practice pages you can use to help you master the letter “I.” The first one will walk you through both capital variations along with the lowercase “i” and the second one will help you learn to connect this letter with the others we’ve learned so far. Remember that when you’re writing a word, it’s not only okay, but sometimes necessary to pick up your pen in between letters. To use these practice pages, click below to download them to your device, then print them out or upload them to your favorite lettering software. Feel free to use them as often as you like for personal practice. Remember, hand lettering is all about muscle memory, so the more you practice, the better you’ll become!


Brush Script I

I hope you find these pages helpful as you continue to work on mastering brush lettering. Don’t miss the rest of the series!

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As you practice, I’d love to see your progress. Share your photos in our Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group or on Instagram.

Brush Script I

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