Free Hand Lettering Practice Sheets: N

We are officially more than halfway through the alphabet in our Brush Lettering practice series! Today, we’re looking at how to form several versions of a Brush Script N. If you’re new to hand lettering, you’ll want to start first with a basic tutorial and some simple brush strokes to get a feel for the technique. Otherwise, let’s jump in and practice how to form that “N”!

Brush Script N

The best news about today’s letter is that after learning to write an “M,” an “N” is a piece of cake! We’re going to use the same basic shapes and skills, but stop a little sooner, so it’s even less work!

Brush Script N Practice

Drawing a Capital Brush Script N

To form our capital N, we’ll start with a downstroke. Then, we’ll form a simple overturn that curves back up at the end. Easy peasy, right?

For a little bit of variety, here’s another version of a capital N that you can use. It resembles a print letter more than a cursive one, but adding some curls and swirls will make it blend in with our script. It starts with a curving upstroke, then we do a diagonal downstroke before taking our pen up again to finish off the letter. Feel free to add a flourish on the end if you like!

Drawing a Lowercase Brush Script N

A lowercase “n” is exactly like a capital one, just smaller! A downstroke followed by an overturn that curves back up at the end gives us this shape.

Here are a few practice pages I created to help you practice these letters. The first will walk you through these three basic letter forms. The second includes a few embellishments, and the third will help you connect the “n” with the other letters we’ve learned so far. Just click below to download them to your device, then print the pages or upload them to your favorite digital lettering app. You’re welcome to print and use them as often as you like for your own personal practice.

Download the free printable practice pages here

Brush Script N Practice Pages


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As you practice, I’d love to see your progress. Share your photos in our Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group or on Instagram.

Brush Script N

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