5 Easy Harry Potter Doodles + a LEGO Giveaway!

Calling all Harry Potter fans! In honor of Harry’s birthday month, I am teaming up with a group of fabulous art and craft bloggers as part of a special celebration. From July 8-10, Team Creative Crafts will be posting tutorials for more than 20 HP themed projects for you to enjoy, and we are also giving away $200 worth of Harry Potter LEGO sets (enter at the bottom of this post!).

For my part, I thought it would be fun to show you how I doodle five things from the wizarding world. All you need is some paper, a pencil, a fine tip black marker, and your favorite colored pencils, crayons, or markers to play along. Come doodle with me! I recommend sketching your shapes in pencil first, then tracing with marker, and finally adding color. This is because sometimes, you’ll have overlapping lines that you’ll want to erase before you trace to make your finished doodle look its best. And remember, if your first try isn’t an instant success, practice makes progress. Let’s get started.

Hogwarts Letter

Start by drawing a rectangle. Next, draw a triangle coming down from the top and two diagonal lines coming up from the bottom corners to meet the triangle. This gives the look of the top flap being folded over the rest of the envelope. Add a circle for a wax seal, which you can color and embellish any way you like. Finally, feel free to add little dashed lines to make it look like the letter is in flight!

Lightning Bolt


To draw the (in)famous HP lightning bolt, start with a zig zag. You’ll come down on a diagonal from the top right side, then straight across, and back down on another diagonal toward the bottom left. Next, make a second zig zag that meets your first one at the top and bottom points. All that’s left is to color it in!

Golden Snitch

Start with a circle, then add two wavy lines, one coming from the top and one from inside the circle. These lines will be the tops of the wings. Next, add the bottom parts of the wings. Finally, add detail lines to give the snitch texture, and don’t forget to color it yellow or gold. For a variation, you can place one wing on each side of the snitch instead.

Flying Key

Start this doodle by drawing an oval with a second, smaller oval inside. This will be the top of the key. Next, add a long, thin rectangle for the key’s stem, and small horizontal rectangles for the bit. Finally, add four teardrop shapes (two large, two small) for the wings. Color it in, and your key is complete.

Hedwig the Owl

First, sketch a semi-circle for the owl’s head. Next, add a wing shape on the left, then round off the body, connecting it to the head on the right side. Add another semicircle for the right wing, and feet made of three small ovals. Draw a tiny triangle beak in the center of two circle eyes. Add details and give Hedwig her personality!

I hope you enjoyed these quick and easy Harry Potter doodles! Make sure to save this post to Pinterest so you can find it again and share it with a friend.

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Now, are you ready to enter to win $200 worth of Harry Potter LEGO sets?

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Now, make sure to visit the other fabulous HP projects from Team Creative Crafts. Happy creating!

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  1. My favorite? Only all of them? lol McGonagall if I have to pick one, she was loyal and brave and a great teacher
    Thanks for the doodles Amy!!!!

  2. So hard to pick a favorite! I would say Harry, Hermione and Neville. I can’t pick just one!.

  3. My favorite Harry Potter character is Hermoine because everyone says I am a lot like her and I love her personality

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