Introducing… Doodle All the Animals!

Big news, friends! I’m excited to announce a brand new book coming in May 2024. If you enjoyed my book Doodle Everything, you are going to love the second book in the collection, Doodle All the Animals!

Image is a book cover titled Doodle All the Animals: Learn to Draw Cute Critters. An assortment of colorful hand-drawn animals surround the words which are printed in black.
Image Copyright Page Street Publishing Company 2024.

This new book is divided into chapters based on a variety of habitats where animals can be found:

In the House
On the Farm
In the Woods
In Rivers, Lakes, and Streams
In the Ocean
In the Jungle
In the Savanna
In the Outback
In the Desert
In the Arctic

In each habitat, you’ll find doodles for all kinds of animals that are broken down step-by-step into simple shapes anyone can create. You’ll also find inspiration for combining animals and drawing them together in their habitats using doodles like plants, trees, rocks, and more.

Image is a hand-drawn desert scene including an armadillo, a bobcat, and a fennec fox among cacti and rock formations.
Image Copyright Page Street Publishing Company 2024

There are over 200 different animals featured in this book, as well as fun variations, like a standing and a sleeping armadillo, or a pig and a baby piglet. As always, there will be practice space provided right in the book so you can try your hand at the drawing on the pages. Or, you can doodle in a separate notebook or sketchpad if you prefer.

As you draw along, you’ll also love learning unexpected facts about your favorite animals: Did you know woodpeckers have a unique bone that protects their brains from damage when pecking? Or that nine-banded armadillos almost always give birth to identical quadruplets? You’ll learn this kind of fun trivia about each animal as well as each habitat!

Image is a promotional advertisement for the book including the title, two hand drawn dogs, and the words, “Coming 05.28.24.”

Pre-order Your Copy Today!

Doodle All the Animals will release on May 28, 2024, and you can preorder your copy right now! Just click the link below for your favorite book retailer and your book will be delivered to your door on release day! Check out the book’s webpage for more details. I can’t wait to share this with you!

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