Reindeer Food Ornament

Reindeer Food Ornament

With the holidays upon us, crafting is in full swing and our calendars have never been more busy! I know many of you probably have some Christmas parties lined up, and I came up with a quick and easy craft that could be used as a party activity, or as an adorable favor that the kids can hang on the tree and then use on Christmas Eve!


-Small Fabric Drawstring Bag
-Small Red Pom Pom
-Red and Gold Paint
-Black Permanent Marker
-Hot Glue
Tag Printable

Step 1: Assemble the reindeer head. Cut out the reindeer head and antlers from felt. Glue on a pom pom for the nose, and the antlers to the head. Use the marker to make eyes.

Reindeer Food Ornament

Step 2: Paint your bag! I chose to do festive red and gold polka dots. Make sure to put paper inside your bag while you paint, so the paint doesn’t leak through!

Reindeer Food Ornament

Step 3: Glue the reindeer head to the bag. 

Step 4: Attach the tag to the bag with ribbon. I used my ribbon printer to make mine, but you can use any ribbon you’d like! If you’d like the tag printable I made, you can get download it HERE.

Reindeer Food-001
Reindeer Food Ornament

The bag is now ready to fill with your favorite reindeer food!  There are several “recipes” that you can use, but if you are going to let the kids sprinkle the food outside, make sure it’s animal friendly, like birdseed or a little more “magical” like this one:

  • 1/2 cup uncooked oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup red or green sugar crystals (as used for cake decorating)

Reindeer Food Ornament

Have a kid-friendly Christmas party coming up? You could have stations set up where kids make their bags, as well as mix up their reindeer chow. A perfect make and take! If you make the bags ahead of time, you can just as easily pass them out as favors.

Reindeer Food Ornament

Quick, easy, and so cute for the little ones! Would you want to make these with your own children and start a new holiday tradition? If you want even more quick and easy holiday projects, be sure to check out the other Craft Lightning posts!

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