Sequin Ornament

Friends, this time of year is one of my favorites for so many reasons, but one is that Little Crafter and I get so many extra opportunities to craft together. Here is one of his latest projects; a super-simple ornament with a real wow-factor…

Sequin Ornament

{some of ours were provided by Elmer’s; all opinions are our own}
– plain flat ornament {ours came from Michaels}
Elmer’s X-TREME School Glue
Elmer’s Painters
– Sequins


Step 1: Use Painters to give the ornament some color. 
I just want to note that you can use any shape and material ornament you want. Ours is ceramic, but plastic, wood, glass, etc. would work just as well. Little Crafter created his own striped pattern using a mixture of colorful and metallic Painters. A solid background would be fine too, or any pattern your own little crafters like!


Here’s how it looked when the first step was complete. Even this by itself makes for a cute ornament. You could totally call it finished and the grandparents would love it. But since here in the Artsy Family, we think that everything is better if it sparkles, we took it a step further.


Step 2: Attach sequins using Elmer’s X-TREME School Glue. We found it worked best to put a line of glue and place the sequins along it, then move on to the next row rather than going one dot at a time.The glue dries clear, so when you’re done, you’ll be able to see the pretty colors underneath.


Little Crafter was so proud of the finished ornament and can’t wait to hang it on our tree…which will hopefully be getting set up by the time you read this post!

Sequin Ornament

What do you think? Would the little crafters in your life enjoy making these?

Sequin Ornament

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  1. Love the sparkles!! What a cute idea.
    I think I’m going to show my toddler your ornament, and ask if he would like to make a beautiful ornament too.

    We still haven’t done our tree or menorah yet, hopefully this afternoon, with all the yucky rain that’s here, it seems like a good stay home, stay warm, decorate everything kind of day. 🙂

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