Easy DIY Stacking Bracelets: Pearl “Love” Bracelet

Hey, friends!  Welcome to Part 2 of the Super-Easy DIY Stacking Bracelets series!  First, I showed you how simple it is to make a half-beaded bracelet yesterday; now it’s time to move on!  Take a peek!

Pearl Love Stacking Bracelet

I knew I wanted a word somewhere in the stack of bracelets, and I happened to have this “LOVE” bead on hand.  I wanted to make it neutral so it would complement everything else in the stack, as well as match anything when worn alone.  Pearls are one of my favorite types of beads; I love how classically elegant they are, so I grabbed my stash and got started.  This is the perfect starter bracelet for anyone, even if you’ve never made jewelry before!  Here’s how I did it:

– 20-30 small pearls {mine were a mixture of pure white and ones with a rosy tint}  My bracelet uses 21, but I have a pretty tiny wrist.
LOVE or other word bead {I bought mine as a set of 4 at Consumer Crafts.com…love, peace, joy, & faith}
– clear elastic cord
– scissors

Pearl Love Bracelet

Step 1: Cut a piece of elastic cord long enough to circle your wrist twice.  This will ensure that you have enough excess cord to tie it off when you’re finished.

Step 2: Thread the elastic through your word bead first.  Then add your pearls to both ends.  Since I had two different shades of pearls, I alternated them.

Step 3: Tie elastic tightly and cut.  I always tie it three or four times just to make sure the knot holds.  Then, you can slide the knot inside one of the beads so it’s hidden.


Pearl Love Bracelet

That’s really all there is to it…couldn’t be simpler!  No special tools or skills necessary, just some cord and some beads.  Look how pretty it is stacked up against our first bracelet, the Half-Beaded Green Bracelet!  If you missed that one, be sure to stop by and see how simple it is to make that one too!

Stacking Bracelets

Be sure to come back tomorrow for another bracelet to add to the stack!

Stacking Bracelets

Hugs & Glitter,


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  1. very pretty! I saw this photo make craftgawker :o) Good work! I just wanted to let you know that when I get your feed on bloglovin there usually aren’t pictures… so it doesn’t always grab my attention. I was looking for this today, so I actually read the words {but I don’t usually} not sure why this is… just wanted to let you know! :o) Emily

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