Memory Wire Shell Bead Bracelet

Friends, I have a new obsession.  Memory wire.  I love this stuff!  Jewelry making is so easy when you have it on hand!  Here’s my latest creation:


– memory wire
– beads
– small heart charm and jump ring {optional}
– wire cutters
– needlenose pliers
My beads are 11mm shell discs that I ordered from a few months ago.  They don’t have the magenta listed at the moment, but they do have purple, brown, and coral. {By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just wanted to let you know where my pretties came from in case you really wanted to duplicate the bracelet.}

STEP 1: I threaded all of the beads I had {27, I think} onto my memory wire first.  I wasn’t sure how much room they’d take up and I didn’t want to waste my wire by cutting it first and not using it all.

STEP 2: Once all the beads were on, I cut the wire, leaving about an inch on each end.

STEP 3: Using needlenose pliers, I bent one end of the wire 90 degrees, then rolled it in on itself.  You could form a simple loop, or you can continue rolling to create a little coil/spiral for decorative effect like I did.

STEP 4: I placed my heart charm on a jump ring and slid it onto the other end of the bracelet, then coiled that wire as well to finish it off.

Now it’s time for the incredibly awkward, “I’m trying to take a natural looking photo of my own arm” pictures.  Enjoy.

So there you have it, friends!  Quick, easy, and inexpensive…my big 3, you know!  With just a bit of memory wire and the beads of your choice, you can make your own…so what are you waiting for?!
Hugs & Glitter,

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  1. Bahahahaha… why can we never take a good photo of our own arms?? I mean, they don’t look that weird when I look down at them, only in photos!

    Your bracelet is fabulous, I LOVE the shell beads, and memory wire makes for awesome, simple bracelets. Great work!!

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