DIY Ombre Bangle {with a Secret Valentine Message!}

Hey there, friends!  How many of you like jewelry?  How many of you like DIY projects?  {I know most of you fall into one of those categories, if not both, like me}!  Today, I have a project to share with you that I’m super excited about because it meets my “big three” requirements for my favorite kind of project:
1. It’s QUICK!  {All of you with kids under 5 know why this is vital}.
2. It’s EASY!  {I like projects that anyone can do, even if they don’t feel “crafty.”}
3. It’s INEXPENSIVE!  {Need I say more?}
Plus, this one is also fashionable and can even be holiday-festive, either for yourself {yes, please} or to give as a gift…or both!  Are you ready?  Here it is…

 Like it?  I sure do!  I can see me wearing this everywhere!  Here’s the lowdown on how I made it and you can too!  You can replicate it exactly or do your own thing.  Not a fan of pink?  No problem, just substitute your favorite colors instead!

– unfinished wooden bangle
– acrylic paint in three colors {I used a dark pink, light pink, and red}
– Mod Podge Outdoor Finish and Super Glossy Finish
– paintbrushes
– painter’s tape

My bracelet is from Banglewood Craft Supplies; this is a size small slender bangle.  I love that they come in different diameters because I have super-small wrists and when I try buying bangles in the store, they sometimes want to fall off, especially when I’m dancing.  Once I had a bracelet fly off in the middle of giving a lesson on arm-styling.  Not good.  But that’s another story…
Anyway, stay tuned for a giveaway from Banglewood later this month and to see how I decorated the other two bracelets Tiff sent me!

The word beloved was an instant choice for me because it means a lot in my life.  First of all, my name, Amy, comes from the French ami, which means…you guessed it, beloved!  It also reminds me that I’m loved by my parents, who chose the name, my husband, who chose me as his partner in life, my son, who says he loves me to the moon and back a hundred million times, and by God who has known and loved me since before my birth.  I like having a secret little reminder of that on my arm; I think it’ll come in handy if I’m having a tough day or get down on myself.

Ta da!  Once the Mod Podge dries, it’s ready to wear with your favorite outfit!  Wear it with red, with pink, with a contrasting color, with white, or with black!  Yay!
For the record, this one is mine {all mine!!}, but I also think these would make sweet Valentine gifts for your best girlfriends.  Pair it with a cute little printable like, “There’s no getting around it, I love you!” or “You’re an all around fabulous friend!”  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love a gift like that!  Well, except for my girl Erin, because she hates pink.  Weirdo. 😉  I heart you, Erin!  Anyway, it’s the perfect gift for all the non-pink-haters in your life.  And for them?  Make blue.
Hugs and Glitter!

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