Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

With Christmas approaching, and my boys becoming old enough to start fully participating and understanding the holiday festivties, I (Erin), thought it would be the perfect time start a new tradition! I created a simple advent calendar that has daily Christmas activities we can do to get us in the mood this holiday season. Want to make one of your own? Here’s how I did it!

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar


-12 x 12 Wooden Frame

-Seasonal Paper Roll (mine was in a 3-pack at Michaels)

-Contrasting Scrapbook Paper (I used glittery red)

-Sheet of Burlap (found in the scrapbook paper aisle)

-Mini Holiday Clothespins (I found these in packs of 12 at Michaels, already decorated!)

-Chalkboard Sticker Tags

-White Vinyl (Optional Vinyl Cutter)

-Mod Podge

-Black Paint

-Removable Glue Dots

-Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Take apart the frame and glue the burlap to the frame’s cardboard backing.

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

Step 2: Paint the inside edges of the frame. I chose black, because it matched the background color of my paper roll. I painted the inside of the frame because when you look at it from the side, you’d be able to see unfinished edges. This made that problem all better! And yes, I’m wearing Christmas pants. I’m pretty sure it’s in every crafty handbook that one must dress like the holiday when crafting for the holiday.

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

Step 3: Arrange your clothespins on the burlap. MAKE SURE to include the chalkboard labels when you’re spacing, or else you might not have enough room. (I did this with the burlap paper in the frame, to also help with placement.) Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, glue your clothespins down. I did end up trimming the labels so they’d all fit better.

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

Step 4: Cut four strips of the paper roll to fit around the frame, and mod podge into place. I let my paper overlap the sides so the edges would be covered too.

Christmas Countdown Advent CalendarStep 5: Add some bling. In other words, I used strips of the red glitter cardstock as an inside border.

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

Step 6: Cut out vinyl lettering and attach to chalkboard labels. If you’re wondering, I used the font “Handy George” found HERE. Did I mention that I’m a font hoarder?

Step 7: Stick the chalkboard stickers to white cardstock and cut them out. Attach advent activities to the back of each card. The white cardstock gives you a blank space on the back to write your daily activity. Instead of writing by hand, I wrote activities up on the computer, then printed and cut them out. (I did this so I can reuse the calendar annually, and switch out activities if need be.) You’ll also notice I took some time to actually plan the dates of the activities because I knew some would work better on weekends, while others were fine during the week. Attach the activities with the removable glue dots.  They’re not permanent, so again, you can switch them out annually.

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

Step 8: Hang and use!

Christmas Countdown Advent CalendarNot only am I really happy with how this project turned out, but I’m MORE excited for what’s on those cards, and celebrating the Christmas season with my little men. What are some of your favorite things to do during the holiday season? I would love to hear!

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

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  1. This is a darling advent idea! I like that you have made it “reusable” too! I would REALLY like to know what is on your Christmas list of ideas for the advent “gifts”. I couldn’t find a link for a printout or even a partial list. My little laptop just won’t enlarge the pix big enough for me to read them. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Bonnie, Here’s a list of what I put on (in no particular order):
      1. Get out the Nativity Set
      2. Go see Christmas Lights
      3. Decorate the Christmas Tree
      4. Collect Cans for the Food Drive
      5. Pick out a present for Daddy
      6. Pick out a present for Mommy
      7. Make a Christmas Card
      8. Make a Snow Globe
      9. Make Christmas Cookies
      10. Decorate a Foam Gingerbread House (allergies)
      11. Make a Christmas Wreath
      12. Watch a Christmas Movie
      13. Make a birthday treat for Jesus
      14. Decorate a door
      15. Make a Christmas Ornament
      16. Get a new Christmas book
      17. Make an angel
      18. Visit a train garden
      19. Make snowflakes
      20. Go on a reindeer hunt (a stuffed reindeer will be hidden in the house in various places throughout the day)
      21. Buy presents for our pets
      22. Take a bubble bath
      23. Sleep with a Christmas Pillow (Christmas bedding on their beds)
      24. Christmas Campout (set up a tent in the living room, and have smores)

      Hope this helps Bonnie! -Erin

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