Introducing One Artsy Student: Tori

Hey, friends!  I have something pretty exciting to announce to you today!  I want you to meet a special new friend of mine, Tori.  She and I have a lot in common, as you’ll see when you read her little bio in a moment, and we’re even birthday buddies {both born on December 14, just more years apart than I’d like to admit}!  She is going to be helping me out a bit behind the scenes here at One Artsy Mama to get some experience as a Virtual Assistant, and in exchange for her time, I’ve asked her to be a monthly contributor here, sharing some of her own projects and expertise.  I think you’re really going to love her…here she is to say hello and tell you a bit about herself!

Hey there all you wonderful readers!

My name is Tori I am 19 years old. Actually I’ll be 20 in December! 🙂
I love to sing, craft, have fun, ride horses, drink coffee, play with kids, and follow Jesus!

That’s me up there! 
I am so happy I get to share a little bit of myself with you guys! I blog over at Oh Craft! 
My blog is about all my craft projects and I hope to start some college tips and advice posts soon.

With my monthly featured posts here at One Artsy Mama,
I hope that I’ll be able to share some great ideas that you get inspiration from.
Being a college student can be tough, especially when you’re trying to decorate in a dorm!
The goal of my posts are to be able to inspire, whether it be crafts, decor, or even college tips.
I look forward to my time here and I am so happy to be a part of this amazing blog! 
Please join me in giving “One Artsy Student” Tori a big artsy welcome!  Stay tuned for her posts, which you’ll find the first Monday of every month!  And, be sure to stop by tomorrow for the next installment of the Grow Your Blog Series: Tips for Getting Featured.
Happy Crafting!

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