Fashion Friday: Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Hey, friends!  I don’t know what the weather is like right now where you life, but here in Artsy Land, it’s starting to look and feel like Fall!  The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and it’s time to pull out the boots and sweaters {yay!}.  On one hand, it can be exciting to change over your closet, but on the other hand, it can be a major bummer too.  First, because you feel like you have to pack away some of your favorite pieces from summer, and second because you feel like you need to go out and spend a fortune on pieces that work for the new season.

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Never fear!  We here at Fashion Fridays are coming to the rescue!  We’re going to drop that credit card, head into your closet instead, and show you how you can transition some of your favorite summer fashions into something totally perfect for Fall!  Each of us is going to show you today how we styled one of our summer pieces for the cooler weather!  Ready?
Fall Fashion

The piece I chose to work with today is a fun colorblocked sundress I got from Express this summer.  Obviously, the lack of sleeves and the short length of it are a problem when cooler weather comes, but not if you pull out some basic staples and rock them all together!  Here’s what I did {and I think it’s a formula you can apply to pretty much any summer dress you own}!

Dress + Jacket + Leggings {or colored tights} + Tall Boots

Fall Fashion

THE JACKET: I chose to go with a denim jacket from Old Navy.  You really can’t go wrong with denim.  I rolled up the sleeves a bit for a more relaxed vibe {after all, it’s not freezing yet}.  Any jacket will work in this formula, as long as you keep it short and fitted.

fall fashion

THE LEGGINGS: Again, I think you could go with pretty much any color here, depending on the colors in your dress.  I went with black since it’s a neutral and I already had colorblocking going on in the dress itself.


THE BOOTS: I have a great pair of heeled black boots but I’ve been searching for a good two years now for a pair of more casual tall flat boots to wear with jeans and other Fall outfits.  A few weeks ago, I found these at Target for $40.  I personally have a hard time buying boots like these because of two factors: I have really short legs, and my calves are really muscular from the ballroom and latin dancing I do.  So, sometimes the length makes me look goofy and sometimes they’re too tight on my legs.  These were just right, though, and they’re super duper comfy.  Win!

Fall Fashion

THE ACCESSORIES: I stayed pretty low key with my accessories since there’s already a lot going on with the dress itself.  I just added my Origami Owl locket and a pair of teal earrings from Charming Charlie’s {my new addiction!  Thanks a lot, Kirsten, Kara, DeDe, and Carrie!  I blame you!}.  For a bag, I added this cute {sparkly!} messenger bag that was a present from Carrie at My Favorite Finds.  She got it from the folks at Pick Your Plum and I love it!

So what do you think?  Dress + Jacket + Leggings + Boots!  It’s a simple combo, but it works!  Now, take a look at what Kirsten and Kara did with some of their summer clothes to make them fall-ready!



Don’t they look fabulous?  Stop by their blogs One Tough Mother and Happy Go Lucky for all the details on their outfits!

Hugs & Glitter,


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