A Visit to Thirty Hair (and a special introduction!)

Hello friends! As the new year begins, we are so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our One Artsy Mama family, owner and head stylist at Thirty Hair, Sarah McGee.

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Thirty Hair was established on January 30, 2015 but for 10 years before that, they were the large award-winning salon and spa in Ellicott City, MD known as Visual Changes. Sarah knows that Thirty Hair is a funny name to most people, but it is perfect for Sarah’s vision! She wanted a name that would be memorable and knew that a lot of women (especially in their 30’s!) deserved a place to feel beautiful! Sarah also was really focused on picking a salon that was an unusual name that was easy to remember and short, as well as being the ONLY Thirty Hair or Thirty Hair Salon you can find! (In other words, google gold!)

What we love about Sarah is that her goals so closely match ours, but in the field of hair and beauty. She wants to help our readers discover “honestly do-able” hair styles or makeup routines that only enhance the beauty that you already possess. Sarah wants women (even those busy moms!) to learn to love what God has already given you, and most importantly have fun, because your hair is the only “garment” you wear every day!

Sarah invited us down to her salon to have our own Thirty Hair experience, and we got a chance to see her vision in action.

From the second we walked in, we were greeted with big smiles, drink offerings, and were made to feel right at home. It was love at first sight for Amy, as soon as she saw these signs!


Sarah was amazing, and during Amy’s color consult, Sarah went over the science behind why some colors work and some don’t, what would look best in Amy’s hair, and really helped Amy understand the coloring process. Amy settled on an all-over color, as well as some highlights.


Once her colors were picked, Amy got a relaxing shampoo and scalp massage, and, if you can’t tell, thoroughly enjoying herself. At some point, Amy also got her brows expertly done, but since I’m a good friend, there will be no photographic evidence of that. 😉


When it came time to mix Amy’s color, Sarah gave us a sneak peak of the room where the mixing magic happens. Not only was it organized beautifully, it allowed us to get a glimpse of how much of an art form (and a science!) that finding the perfect hair color is. There were pictures of the color wheel and hair shades, and it showed us just how knowledgeable hair stylists needed to be when it came to the finding the perfect shade .


As Sarah begin Amy’s color, we were able to sneak in a few questions with Sarah, and wanted to know why she became a stylist in the first place. Sarah said, “I grew up hanging out in my dad’s salon and loved being around all the fun ladies. I loved the energy and the fact that I would get paid to talk all day while dressing up and making people beautiful.” While Sarah worked on us, it was clear that she was doing exactly what she was meant to be doing!


What is wonderful about Thirty Hair, is that no matter who is doing your hair, you still get the warmth, the smiles, and most importantly the skill. Isabelle was just as wonderful when she finished off our looks!


After the hair was done, there was a chance to be further pampered while we got our makeup done. Isabelle completed my look, patiently explaining the best way to do my eyes, and what colors would work best, while Sarah gave Amy her final touches! While Amy’s makeup was completed, I was able to ask Sarah about what’s trendy right now in the world of hair. “Right now, low maintenance is in so run with it! Second day hair, tousled looks, hand painting color and shorter hair!” As many of us are busy moms, I think we can all get on board with the “low maintenance” idea, or as I like to call it, Erin’s every day look. Who knew I was just being stylish 😉


Before we were done, we wanted to get to know Sarah a little bit more, so we asked her for five fun facts!

All About Sarah:

* I have a daughter named Eastyn who is 7
* I was born on the 17th and adopted 4 months later on the 17th
*My love of purple comes from the Kansas State University Wildcats
* I bake when I am stressed
*I am the commissioner of 2 fantasy football leagues
Once our makeup was done, our transformation was complete! I had an all over color with subtle red highlights and some long layers put in, while Amy was taught how to cut and maintain her bangs, as well as how to enjoy her beautiful new color. What do you think? We absolutely loved our updated colors!


We had such an amazing time at Thirty Hair with Sarah and her crew. We loved their approach to women’s  beauty, that they promoted the fact you’re already gorgeous inside and out, but they are there just to enhance that natural beauty! Sarah was chock full of hair and makeup tips that we can totally repeat at home. We will, however, leave the coloring and cutting to the experts!

We are also excited to announce that Sarah will become a part of our One Artsy Mama family, and be available to give our readers some “honestly do-able” things that you all can try for yourself at home, whether it’s a simple style, or beauty tips using objects around your house.

If you ever have any hair or makeup questions, feel free to email us or Facebook us, and we will make sure to connect with our favorite stylist!

Many, many thanks to Sarah and her staff for giving us such a wonderful experience at Thirty Hair!

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