Sunny Days: A Sesame Street Party

A few weeks ago, Little Crafter got to go to a double birthday party for his friends who are “Irish Twins.”  One was celebrating his second birthday, and the other was celebrating his first.  Their mama, Erin, is quite the artsy mama herself, and she threw a fantastic Sesame Street shindig for her boys.  I was the official photographer, which meant that in exchange, her hubby fixed my laptop and I get to share all her great ideas with you!
First, she made these personalized street signs using chair rails, wooden signs, dowels, and styrofoam balls…who wouldn’t want their own?
 My favorite thing about the party was that there were SO many things to keep the guests busy!  Erin set up stations all around the pavilion, like this one where the kids got to decorate their own rubber duckies.  LC made a beeline for this one first because he got to paint.
 The kids also got to color, search through birdseed for stickers and lanyards, get tattoos at “Oscar’s Tattoo Parlor,” and toss plastic cookies into Cookie Monster’s mouth!

And that’s not all!  Since the party was held at a local park/nature center, Erin made each little guest his or her own Super Grover cape and sent them out into the woods to “rescue” these cute little plush owls!
Not to mention that they got to blow bubbles, play with a parachute, and check out the nature center itself.  There was nonstop fun for the little partygoers {and us big ones too}!
Here’s a peek at the adorable cake pops Erin made.
…and the favors.  She made soap {!} that had a little plastic goldfish inside so that when the kids wash their hands with it enough, they’ll get the goldfish out.
Each little guest went home with a Super Grover cape, a stuffed owl, a Grover snack container, a fishy soap and crayons, their painted duck, a lanyard, and as many stickers and tattoos all over themselves as they wanted.  I’d call that a PARTY!
I can’t neglect to show you the cutie birthday boys, so here they are with their mommy and daddy!

Great party, Erin!
Hope you all enjoyed seeing the pics…feel free to “borrow” the ideas and use them for your own Sesame Street fun!
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Okay, these are crazy good ideas. I love the rescue mission and all of those awesome stations. Thanks so much for sharing at our party this week.

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