Handmade Holidays: Kadie’s Blankets

I’m so excited to be here today!  I LOVE Amy and all her crafty things she does.  Amy and I started blogging around the same time and have become good friends.  My name is Kadie and I blog at Seven Alive all Livin’ in a Double Wide.  I like to blog about crafting, sewing, cooking, and my favorite, crocheting.  I also like to throw in a bit about being a mom to 5 amazing children. I love to make handmade gifts for Christmas.  It’s a way I can give a little bit of myself to others.  Not only can I pour all my love and talents into a handmade gift, it is often cheaper to make a gift rather than buy one.  When you are on a tight budget, which with 5 kiddos we always are, cheap  less expensive is a good thing. So this year I am making each of my kiddos their own blanket, pillow case, and pajama bottom set.  It’s really fun to have something custom made for you.  There are so many prints and colors to choose from it makes it easy to find something that who ever you are making them for will love!

I’m going to show you how to make the blanket today.  I will have the tutorial for the pillow case and PJ bottoms on my blog next week.

What you will need:

  • 1-2 yards Polar Fleece {it is important that you get Polar Fleece because it wont fray} depending on how large a person you are making it for.  2 yards makes a great lap blanket for an adult or a large blanket for a child. The one shown here is 1 yard.
  • quilting safety pins {these are the ones with the curve in them.} You can use regular safety pins too.
  •   thread in a coordinating or contrasting color. {depending on what you like} I used contrasting thread for mine.
  • scissors
  • sewing machine {optional, I’ll tell you how to make the same blanket sewing free}
  • yard stick, or fabric measuring tape.

Like I said above you don’t have to sew this blanket so if you don’t have a sewing machine don’t pass up on making these adorable blankets.  The sewing skills you need if you choose to sew it are minimal, great for a beginner. I am going to apologize for the quality of some of the photos now.  Because I’m making these for my kiddos for Christmas I had to work on them late at night so they don’t see them. To start lay out your fabric wrong sides together.  You will need a large space to work on, either a large table or the floor would work best.  Trim the fabric so that the top and bottom are the same size.  You can use this tutorial for using a rotary cutter to do this, or you can use scissors   Be careful using scissors  it’s hard to make a really straight line.

I like to pin an X in the blanket first.  Try not to move the blanket after you start. It only takes a couple of hours to finish the blanket, it’s best if you can do it all in one sitting because until it is sewn {or cut and tied} the fabric will move all over the place every time you move it. It’s a big pain to always have to straighten it back out!  I like use a yard stick to get my pins straight.

After you have your X you are going to cut a 4 inch square out of each corner.   You might need to adjust some of your pins in your X to match up with the corners of the square you cut out.

Now you are going to pin a 4 inch wide border all the way around your blanket.  I know it’s a lot of pins but trust me the more pins you use the easier it’s going to be over all.

If you are not sewing your blanket then you can skip the next few steps and go right to cutting and tying your fringe. If you are going to sew your blanket, start by following the X that you pinned.  This will make it so that when you wash your blanket the two sides will not come apart and bunch like they sometimes do. I’m going to pass on one of the best tips I ever got about sewing a large blanket like this.  You want to treat it more like driving a car.  It’s easiest to keep a straight line if you can see where you are headed before you get there. Remove any pins that get in your way. DO NOT run over your pins; it will ruin your sewing machine. Now sew on the outside of your pins for the 4 inch border.  Each seam should meet at the corner of the 4 inch squares you cut out of your corners.  Take out any pins that are left over. If you are not sewing your blanket, start here after pinning. Cut 1 inch strips around the blanket in the 4 inch border you made.  If you sewed your blanket make sure you don’t cut through the seam you sewed around the blanket. Again I like to lay out a yard stick and cut  at each one inch.  It makes it easier than guessing and is long enough that you aren’t moving your ruler every couple of inches.

After your cut your strips tie them together in a knot, all around the blanket.  If you are planning on making a lot of these blankets or if you make a lot of rag blankets you might want to invest in some spring scissors, they are a blessing to your aching hands after cutting a ton of strips.  I like to tie my strips so that the strip from the opposite side shows.  I like to tie my blanket while I watch a show, on the couch or in bed.  If you have sewn the blanket you can move it where you need to at this point.  If you haven’t sewn the blanket it’s best to leave it where you have been working on it until it’s all tied.

One kid down 4 more to go.  The first one may take you a while but after you know what you are doing it really only takes 2-4 hours start to finish {depending on how large a blanket you are making}.  They really are fun easy cozy blankets to make.  I hope you’ll give them a try and give someone you love a handmade gift this year. Thanks so much for having me Amy I had a great time.

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