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Well hello there! I’m Barbara and I blog over at Chase the Star, a little place where I share my love for decorating, crafting, and all things DIY!  I am ecstatic to be here at One Artsy Mama’s Summer Series, I’m a big fan!  

Today I’m sharing an easy tutorial on how to make fabric lined mason jars for any summer get together, and beyond!

It’s so simple!  Here’s what you’ll need:

Mason Jar
Mod Podge (or craft glue)
Foam brush (or any small brush)
Fabric scraps
Plastic spoon
Jute twine (optional)
Spray Paint (optional)

I put some of the Mod Podge in a plastic cup and using the brush I spread it over a section of the inside of a mason jar. Then I pressed the fabric scraps in place on to the Mod Podge, smoothing it out with the plastic spoon, all the way around the jar.  

I let the fabric dry completely, and in the meantime I took the lids outside and painted them a fun color to match the fabric, in this case one was white and one was yellow.  I had added the twine around the neck to give it a rustic touch.

That’s it!  How cute do they look holding utensils and straws?  

Another fun use is as a votive holder with an electric tea light (fabric is flammable!) for a pretty outdoor centerpiece, or just to add a special touch to the summer night!

The best part of this project is that these can be used for indoor events later in the year, or even just around the house!  I plan on using one in my kids’ playroom to hold their colored pencils, and one in my master bathroom!  

Thanks so much for reading!  For more crafty ideas and tutorials, please check out my blog, Chase the Star!  You can also catch me on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and my brand new Etsy shop!

A big Thank You to Amy for giving me the opportunity to share my Fabric Lined Mason Jar tutorial with your readers!  

Have a blessed day!

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