Holiday Shine Bracelet

The holidays are right around the corner; am I the only one already starting to plan what I’m going to wear?  Today, I’m excited to share one of my newest jewelry projects, a holiday “Shine” bracelet that will add instant glam to any outfit!  Take a look…

Holiday Sparkle Bracelet

My inspiration for this bracelet was a fabulous shirt I got in my last Stitch Fix, the Kenzie Metallic Dot Blouse.  I thought it was just gorgeous and so perfect for this time of year!  So, I took the basic idea and adapted it for my bangle!  Here’s how to make your own…

Stitch Fix

– unfinished wooden bangle {mine was a gift from Banglewood Crafts}
– gloss decoupage
– glitter decoupage
– white acrylic paint
– paintbrushes
– decoupage metallic trim {you could substitute sequins too}
– scissors
– permanent marker

Step 1: Paint your bangle and let it dry completely.  You’ll want to paint both the outside and inside, and depending on the paint you use, you may need to give it two coats for complete coverage.  Trust me, I know how tempting it is to move right on to the next step, but you have to be patient and let it dry.  While you wait, cut apart the metallic trim so that you have a bunch of individual circles.

Shine Bracelet

Step 2: Apply a coat of gloss decoupage to the outside of your bangle and stick each circle where you want it.  I used a mixture of gold and rose gold circles, and put them on in a random pattern. Allow this step to dry completely too, or when you move on to step 3, the circles will move all over the place while you’re trying to seal them.  Don’t ask me how I know, just trust me.  Honestly.

Shine bracelet

Step 3: Apply a coat of glitter decoupage formula over everything.  This will seal the circles in place!  After it dries, you may want to give it a second coat to maximize the sparkle!

Shine bracelet

Step 4: Use your permanent marker to write “shine” or any message you like on the inside!  It’s so fun having a hidden message…this makes a great personalized gift idea for anyone on your list!  You could write “mom,” “best friend,” or anything you want!

Shine Bracelet

As soon as the bracelet is totally dry, it’s ready to add to your collection!  {By the way, I have a tutorial for how I made my shabby chic jewelry stand!}

Shine Bracelet

If you’re thinking you have deja vu and this looks familiar, you’re right; it’s the same technique I used when I made my Holiday Joy Plate!  Actually, though, I made the bracelet first!  Then, I liked it so much that when I was creating the plate and my original plan for it didn’t work out, I decided to do it the same way I’d made this because I knew it would look festive and fun.

Holiday Joy Plate

What do you think?  Is this a piece you’d wear this holiday season?  I love that it’s a great statement piece while still being elegant and chic…and I love that since it’s just white and metallic, it’s still appropriate for New Year’s and other times of year besides just Christmas!  Yay for versatility!  What’s your go-to holiday look?

Shine Bracelet

Hugs & Glitter,


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