Beaded Cluster Jewelry

Beaded Cluster Jewelry


TIME REQUIRED: 5-10 minutes

Materials {per cluster}:
– 12 top-drilled Czech teardrop beads
– elastic for stringing {mine is 0.7″}
– crimp tube and jump ring
– pliers
– scissors

Step 1: String four beads onto your elastic, leaving plenty of string on both sides.

Beaded Cluster Jewelry

Step 2: Tie ends of elastic together and pull tightly so that the beads form a circle.

Beaded Cluster Jewelry

Step 3: String two beads onto one end of the elastic and tie again, pulling tightly.


Repeat Step 3 until you’ve used all twelve beads.  Tie off your elastic very tightly and securely.  You can add a drop or two of super glue on the knot for good measure.

Each cluster will look a little different depending on the order in which you string your beads.  I like how they’re not identical, but they definitely still go together.  You could totally use these as a pair of fun statement earrings.

Beaded Cluster Jewelry

To finish off your project, trim one of the ends of your elastic close to the knot.  Slide a crimp tube and a jump ring onto the other end.  Pinch the crimp tube shut with pliers or a crimping tool and trim the elastic.


Now, you’re ready to add your cluster to a necklace chain, an ear wire, or whatever you like so that you can wear it!


There you have it, a super-simple, easy-peasy and really fun beaded cluster!

Beaded Cluster Jewelry
‘There are tons of possibilities with this too, because you can use a solid color, two or three colors, or even all the colors of the rainbow if you like!  Smaller beads, bigger beads, longer flatter beads…all will give you a slightly different variation of this project.  How would you make yours?

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