Boho Wooden Wrap Bracelet

Friends, if you’ve been keeping up with this week’s posts, you know I’m currently obsessed with making boho jewelry, thanks to the June Blueberry Cove Beads box! I can’t believe how many projects I’ve been inspired to make with the beads and supplies that were inside! So far, I’ve shared my feather pendant, beaded wrap bracelet, and donut bead bracelet. Today, I want to share what I made using the assortment of wooden beads. Take a look…

Boho Wooden Wrap Bracelet


Here’s a quick reminder of the goodies that came in my Boho Box. See how easy it is to be inspired when you have all this to work with?


For my bracelet project, I needed…

From the box:
– wooden bead assortment {26 beads}

From my stash:
– 6 mm brown beads
– memory wire
– wire cutters and needle nose pliers


This bracelet couldn’t be easier to make. All I did was string my beads onto the wire in a pattern of three wooden beads followed by a brown bead. Some of the wooden beads had more of a brown hue while others looked more red, so I tried to alternate in a “brown, red, brown” pattern within the sets of three. Then, I added one extra brown bead and wooden bead to each end to make the bracelet just a bit longer.


I formed a simple wire loop on one end of the memory wire to secure the beads in place and eliminate any sharp edges. Then, I trimmed the wire about 1/2″ from the last bead on the other end and formed a wire loop there too. That’s it! A simple and laid-back wooden wrap bracelet that would pair perfectly with a maxi dress or a plain tee and jeans! What do you think? Which of the projects from this box is your favorite so far?bohowood1

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