Boho “Donut” Bracelet

I love a good challenge, don’t you? Over the past few days I’ve been sharing about the June Blueberry Cove Beads box I got and the pendant and wrap bracelet I made using some of the materials in it. But what I didn’t share yet is that each month, there’s a challenge where you can submit projects you create using a specific piece from the box and one winner gets the next month’s box free! This time, the challenge piece was the “donut” beads. Here’s what I made using mine!


Here’s a quick reminder of the contents of my Boho Box. Don’t you love the colors and the variety? For this project, I knew I needed to use donut beads, and I liked the look of the round turquoise beads with them, so I paired the two.




Besides the two types of beads, the only other materials I needed from my stash were clear stringing elastic and scissors. Easy peasy!
All I did was string the beads in an alternating pattern onto the elastic. Then, I cut the ends and tied them tightly.


Boho Style Bracelet


The only thing left to do with this bracelet is wear it! What do you think? Does this boho look go with some of your summer outfits?

Boho Bracelet


Which of the projects made from the Blueberry Cove Beads box is your favorite so far? The feather pendant? The wrap bracelet? The donut bracelet? Stay tuned to see more of what I created using these basic materials! What would you make?


Boho Bracelet



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