A Pendant Obsession

Ok, so have you ever tried a new crafting supply or technique and it was so crazy cool that you started having ALL these ideas for how you wanted to use it?  {Come on, I KNOW I’m not the only one!!}  Well, that’s what happened to me this week when I finally tried making tile pendants.  I told my mom I wanted Scrabble for Christmas…not to play, mind you, I already have the game, but to CRAFT with!  The other day, I got out some tiles and here’s what happened:
This is my first attempt.  I had a pretty piece of flowery scrapbook paper and the flower was an almost perfect fit.  I cut it out, Mod Podged it down, then added some glitter.  Add some trusty Dimensional Magic on top, and poof, a pretty pendant!
I was hooked.  You may have seen yesterday that I slathered one with chalkboard paint too…
Well, I had all kinds of ideas for things I wanted to put on the tiles, but the trouble was, I didn’t have bails to turn them into pendants yet.  When I went to Michaels, I found out much to my disappointment that they don’t sell them!Fortunately, another customer who overheard me told me to try Etsy.  I went home, did an Etsy search and ordered 50 of them from Willow Run Crafts.
50 Small Shiny Silver Plated  Heart Bails use for your Scrabble Tiles and Glass Pendants
While I was browsing the store, I also found these 1″ square glass tiles…it was too intriguing to pass up!  I’ve always wanted to try making a pendant with these.
10 1  Inch Glass Square Tiles Make Beautiful Pendants and Magnets
So, my order arrived, and I couldn’t wait to get crafting!
First, I cut up a US map we got from AAA to make a pendant of our favorite vacation spot, Myrtle Beach!
I pulled out a copy of some Chopin sheet music and made this with a little bit of glitter too {remember, glitter makes everything better!}
Then, I decided I needed something that said “dance.”  So, I went into my photo editor and whipped something up.
Here it is, along with the others:
I’ve got so many more ideas…using a photo, a dictionary definition, an initial, all kinds of thing!  The trouble is, the last thing I need is another necklace.  Between the things I’ve made myself with beads, wire, and stamped metal, plus these guys, {not to mention all the ones I had before I got into jewelry making last year!} I’m sure I’ve got enough necklaces to wear a different one every day for at least two months!  Sigh.
What would you put on yours?  And is there such a thing as too many pendants?

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  1. Agreed!! I am hooked on them too!! Do I dare even mention that the tiles also make fantastic magnets when you run out of reasons for jewelry…?

    I love your ideas, especially the map. 🙂

  2. hi. stopped over thanks to the blog hop. i’m a new linky follower. would you follow me to please. i need to go & see about my comments… i hope i’m not a no reply comment blogger. that sounds scary. talk to ya soon. (:

  3. cute necklaces.

    I came over from the Linky Follower party HOP to follow you and hope you will come follow me as well.

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

    (if you are already following me–sorry for the confusion–I am having a hard time keeping track of all the new followers and trying to follow everyone who entered my Linky Follower Party Hop.)

  4. Cute project; thanks for the etsy tip on the bails (and thanks for showing what they are exactly — I would’ve been asking for “that thing that hooks stuff to a thing”!)

  5. I love these! I’ve made them before for all the girls in my family for Christmas! I’m right there with you in wanting to make more and more!

  6. I am not crafty, but stumbled on this site because I love maps… I hate to sound dumb, but what product did you use you attach the map to the tile? Do you cover the back of the map with anything? Thanks!

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