A Chalkboard You Can Wear

Hey, friends!
Did you see my first ever chalkboard paint project yesterday?
Well, once I made it, I couldn’t stop!  I started looking for anything and everything I could paint, and came up with this:
Materials: scrabble tile, chalkboard paint, paintbrush, chalk, bail, superglue
How-to: All you have to do is paint the back and edges of the tile with two coats of chalkboard paint.  Paint the first coat horizontally, let it dry one hour, paint the second coat vertically, then let it dry for 24 hours.  Rub chalk lightly over the whole thing to condition, then you’re ready to go!
Glue a bail to the back of the tile and add it to a chain or ribbon.
The fun part is that you can personalize this any way you want, even changing it up every day!  Here are a few ways I came up with.  First, I did my initial {see above}.  Then, I made a heart for Valentine’s Day!
 Who doesn’t love a smile?  Draw a happy face to show everyone you’re in a good mood…or a sad face if you must.  You can even make it stick its tongue out at your boss. 😉

And yes, of course, I found a way to Raven-ize it!  Put the number of your favorite player and wear it with your jersey on game day! {Boo hoo for football season being over!}
You could draw a peace sign, a sunshine, a flower, or pretty much anything you want as long as it’s simple and small.
What would you write on your pendant today?
Oh, and here’s my disclaimer…I haven’t actually worn this yet so I don’t know how the writing holds up when you have it on all day long.  My guess is that you have a better shot if you aren’t around little hands, and you probably have to be careful not to get it up against your coat, but overall I think it’d do okay.  Hey, you never know till you try, right?  And if you keep a spare piece of chalk in your purse {in a baggie, girls!}, you can touch it up anytime!
Happy crafting!

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  1. They sell chalk paint pens that would be perfect on this! They work just like chalk, but are in paint pen form so they are easy to apply and stay on longer. Just a thought since you’ll be wearing it all day. Love the idea!

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