Edible Art: Winter Scene

Welcome back to our Edible Art Series! If you’ve been following along, you know that my friend Pinwheel and I are teaching a class at Little Crafter’s school that focuses on making art you can eat! It’s been a blast so far, and the kids have loved every project. Last week, we created two things, the first of which was an Edible Winter Scene. Here’s how we did it and you can too…


You’ll need:
a cake board or piece of cardboard
white frosting {ours was homemade, but canned works just as well}
large and miniature marshmallows
pretzel sticks
pretzel squares
sugar cubes
round, colored cereal
plastic knives
shredded coconut
anything else you like


We gave each child a cake board as a base, then allowed them total artistic freedom for how they wanted to create their scenes. Our sample showed two snow forts built from sugar cubes, two marshmallow snowmen, a sidewalk, and lots of snowballs, but the kids were free to create their scenes however they liked.


One of our older students created this scene with a sugar cube wall and a colorful cereal path.


Another student created a home for a snowman, complete with marshmallow walls and a pretzel fence.


One student chose to build a house out of marshmallows with a pretzel stick roof. She then used the square pretzels as windows and a sidewalk lined with sugar cubes.


This student also constructed a house for a snowman and even created a marshmallow tree. I’m not entirely sure what the snowman is doing, although it looks like he’s roasting a marshmallow, which is a little disturbing… 😉


This was our sample. It was a lot of fun to build, and according to the kids we shared it with after the class, it was just as much fun to eat.


What about you? What would your scene look like? Is this something the little folks in your life would enjoy creating?

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