Edible Checkers Game


Have you ever played a game where you could eat the entire game board as well as the pieces? That’s exactly what we created in this week’s Edible Art session at Little Crafter’s school. This project came about by accident, to be honest. We had planned to do the edible mosiac project I shared yesterday, but when my friend and I got together to make a sample, we quickly saw that it wouldn’t take an hour to complete. As we scrolled Pinterest for ideas, I spotted a chess board made entirely from chocolate. We knew that particular project wasn’t a good fit for our class, but the idea of using food to make a checkerboard was intriguing, so we started trying to figure out how we could make it a reality. Here’s how we put it together and you can too!


You’ll need:
Small cheese flavored crackers {32 of each color per board}
Ranch dip or cream cheese
Colored cereal loops {24 total, 12 each of 2 colors}
Cardboard covered with aluminum foil or cake circles
Plastic knife

Step 1: Spread dip onto your cardboard base.
This will act as glue to hold the squares of the board in place.


Step 2: Place crackers on top of the dip, alternating colors. You should have 8 rows of 8 crackers.


Step 3: Place cereal on the board like checkers.

That’s it, you’re ready to play!


The kids had a blast pairing up and playing the game! What do you think? Is this something that would make your next game night more fun?


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