12 Days of Crafting Wreath {and Videos}!

Every year, our local arts center holds a Festival of Wreaths as a community event and silent auction to support the arts in our county. Local businesses and individuals are invited to decorate wreaths that are displayed and up for bid during a two week period. Erin and I decided it would be fun to create a wreath on behalf of the One Artsy Mama community this year…so we did! We decided it needed to be related to what goes on here on the blog, so we came up with a “Twelve Days of Crafting” wreath I think you’ll enjoy!

Twelve Days of Crafting

12 Days of Crafting Wreath

You may have seen on Instagram or Facebook a photo of our “business meeting” {aka me laying on her couch with one of her kids sitting on me, Erin in her pj’s, and peppermint mochas}…this is what we were planning. Our first job was to brainstorm just what craft supplies we wanted to use to build our wreath. Here’s what we came up with:

12 Days of Crafting

But to really appreciate it, you have to HEAR and SEE it, not just read it, right?

Once we had the vision, it was time to make it into a wreath! We collected supplies, most of which I had in my stash already. Many of them came from sponsors and friends of the blog, so we want to say a special thank you to those companies who support us all year and provide us with inspiration and tools to do what we do!

– wooden wreath form
– wide glittery red ribbon
– wire and wire cutters
– hot glue and glue gun
Krylon Glitter Blast Spray in Cherry Bomb
– 20 sponge brushes
– 3 large paint brushes
– 6 Elmer’s Glue Sticks
– 5 Hot Glue Sticks
– 10 markers
– 9 metal stamping blanks
– 8 tubes of Elmer’s Glitter Glue
– 7 packs of Sculpey polyform clay
– 6 crochet hooks
– 5 strings of beads
– 4 Lion Brand Bon-Bons
– 3 packs of Rit Dye
– 2 pairs of Fiskars Scissors
– small hot glue gun
Epson LabelWorks Printer and Red Ribbon Cartridge with Gold Ink

Step 1: Spray your wreath form with Krylon Glitter Blast.
The art supplies will cover most of it, but you’ll still be able to see a little and isn’t it better for that to be glittery and red?  Yes, I think so.

Step 2: Imagine your wreath as a clock and glue your large paintbrushes at the “12”, “6”, and “9” positions. Then glue sponge brushes around in between them.  
You will have an empty spot, but no worries; that’s where the giant bow will go.  PS: How do you like the Squishy photobomb? Hello to Erin’s littlest love!


Step 3: Fill in with your other long, thin craft materials. Markers, glitter glue, crochet hooks, and glue sticks will help create the base for your wreath.


Step 4: Arrange your shorter, chunkier materials, like clay, scissors, glue gun, stamping blanks, and yarn on top as a second layer and attach with glue, adhesive dots, or wire.  


Step 5: Wrap bead strands around wreath as a garland and glue the ends in place.


Step 6: Create a giant glittery bow and attach in the empty spot with wire.


Step 7: I printed three ribbons so that the name of our wreath, the blog name, and the URL would all be visible and glued them in place.


Ta-da! A wreath full of some of our favorite crafting supplies! And the best part is, if the buyer wants to actually use them, they can be removed and turned into something else! To go along with it, our friends at Goody Beads generously donated a $20 gift card for the buyer.


Now for the best part…I’m sure you can imagine that our video didn’t turn out perfectly the first time. For your entertainment, here’s the blooper reel. Enjoy, and feel free to laugh at us; we’ve watched it a million times and laughed at ourselves, so we understand.

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