Lucky FABB: What I’m Wearing Part 1

Hey, friends!  Let me start off today with a huge THANK YOU!  Why?  Because you’re the best readers ever.  I need opinions, and you’re right there for me…almost 200 of you!  In case you missed the fun, I recently posted a collage of four outfit choices on Facebook and asked for feedback about which two to wear during Lucky FABB this week.  FABB stands for “Fashion and Beauty Bloggers,” and this conference is sponsored by the folks at Lucky Magazine.  It’s an invite-only event and I about fell out of my chair when I got the invitation to attend.  The conference itself takes place in NYC this coming Thursday and Friday, and there are all kinds of amazing sessions about a variety of topics related to both fashion and blogging {there’s even a course in HTML}!  The lineup is amazing, and includes speakers like Eva Mendes and Kate Bosworth!

I’m ridiculously excited and more than a little nervous, so I was thrilled to have so much feedback about my outfit choices!  Today, I thought I’d start by sharing the outfit that will definitely be one of the two to debut at the conference.  Of all the responses I got, only a small handful did not include choice A, so this was the overwhelming winner!  Take a look!

Lucky FABB outfit

As you may already know, I recently got this blazer from my first Stitch Fix shipment.  It’s the Shae Striped Blazer by Cecico.  Since blazers are definitely on-trend this fall, I decided to try and build an outfit around it.  The bottom layer, which you can’t see, is a black bodyshaper tank which I wore because I wanted to leave the next layer a bit unbuttoned while still being modest and appropriate!  Then, I added my magenta utility top from Old Navy.  I love the bright pop of color paired with the grey and black stripes.

Lucky FABB Outfit

To add interest and define the silhouette since I’m leaving the blazer unbuttoned, I accessorized with a wide black belt from Pick Your Plum.  I also accessorized with my Caffeine molecule earrings, my turquoise watch from Target, my Target sunglasses, and the sheet music ring I made myself.

Lucky FABB outfit

For the bottom half, I chose dark skinny jeans {Old Navy} and my brown boots from Target.  I’m going to be doing a significant amount of walking in the city, so I wanted something nice and comfy on my feet; flat boots were a great choice!  Or at least I’m hoping so!

I’m not sure yet which of the two days I’ll wear this outfit; Thursday is mostly the keynote speakers and panel discussions, while Friday is a bunch of break out sessions {we got to choose which ones we want to attend}.  I already know that many of you liked this outfit enough to give it your “vote;” what’s your favorite thing about it?!

Hugs & Glitter,


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