Lucky FABB: What I’m Wearing Part 2

Here’s a look at the other outfit I’m going to wear during the conference itself.  The vote was really quite split; A was a definite winner, but things were pretty split among the other three…which I’m hoping {or at least choosing to believe} indicates that they’re all just equally awesome and will knock the socks off of the Lucky crowd.  A girl can dream, right?  Anyway, since there wasn’t a clear second choice, I left it up to…ME!   This outfit came together kind of by accident and I absolutely love it.  Here’s what happened.

Lucky FABB Outfit

I started with a black bodyshaper tank under this purple Patch Pocket Henley Tee from NY&Co.  I just recently got the shirt {on sale for $10!!} and I love it for two reasons; one being that it’s Ravens purple, and the other that the cut is so loose and comfortable.  The part of my body that I get most insecure about is that “mommy pooch’ in the tummy area that just never seems to go away.  I want to be totally comfortable and confident and Lucky FABB, so I was drawn to this shirt because it’s not a tight clingy fit.  I paired it with some black leggings and my brown boots, but I felt like the shirt just wasn’t quite long enough to stand alone with the leggings.

Lucky FABB Outfit

So, I grabbed one of my all-time favorite skirts out of the closet, a fun bright pink pleated skirt from Old Navy, and layered it over the leggings.  Since it will be cold in NYC, I needed a jacket too.  Denim is very on-trend this fall, so I added my Old Navy denim jacket on top.

Lucky FABB Outfit

 Then it was time to accessorize.  I tried on a number of my fun statement necklaces and didn’t like any of them with this outfit until I tried the Styled by Tori Spelling one.  I added some purple earrings and my favorite purple flower ring from Charming Charlie’s {they’re actually one of the sponsors of Lucky FABB!} and the look was complete.  Of course, I made sure everything matched my JoTotes camera bag!

If I’ve learned anything from Lucky over the years, it’s that you have to push your boundaries a little, doing something unexpected, and I feel like the pink skirt accomplishes that.  I’ve also learned that you have to really own your own style.  Be comfortable in your clothes and your own skin.  This outfit has a fun, lighthearted, cheerful and whimsical feel that I think reflects my personality.  Someone commented on the Facebook thread that it looked like a 4 year old playing dressup…and I’m okay with that.  I read in a recent issue of the magazine that when you choose outfits for the conference, you should try and think of what someone would wear if they were dressing up as you.  For me, one of those things would definitely be a skirt; I’d rather wear a skirt or dress than pants any day, although it’s not always a practical choice.  So, this is my second choice.  {I think!}  At least as of right this moment!

Hugs & Glitter,


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