Relaxing with Bigelow #TrendTea

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Relaxation Gift Basket #TrendTea

If you’re a regular reader here at One Artsy Mama, I’m sure you’ve “met” my bestie Erin.  She contributes a monthly “Crafty Chaos” post for me, and also doubles at times as my photographer, paint brush washer, publicist, and sidekick.  We have a lot in common, but one of the big differences between us is that while I’m completely content with just my one Little Crafter, she has a little blonde army of three adorable boys to keep her {very} busy…which led to me creating a special gift for her to help her relax with Bigelow Tea!  But, let’s back up a moment, shall we?


Erin’s older boys are Irish twins, meaning they’re less than a year apart in age, and like the typical toddler boys they are, they’re always on the go!  The youngest is just three months old…I nicknamed him Squishy when I first visited him in the hospital because of those chubby cheeks he’s got!  When Squishy was first born, Erin had tons of help and support, just like most new moms do.  Friends provided meals, offered to help with child care, and provided support as the family transitioned to life with three boys.  But three months later, Erin is just as busy, just as tired, and doesn’t have all the attention a brand new mama gets.  If you have kids, do you remember that time?  When people stop making a fuss and helping out, but your daily life still feels as hectic as it could possibly be?

I wanted to do a little something for Erin to help remind her that she’s not alone and that it’s vitally important for her to take “me-time” when she can in order to relax and recharge.  As moms, no matter how old our kids are, we often feel the pressure to be “super mom,” doing everything for everyone all the time.  But we can’t.  If we give and give and give without ever taking time to relax and re-energize ourselves, we’ll soon have nothing left to give the people we care about most.  Even though sometimes it seems counter-intuitive to take time just for ourselves when we know our families need us, the reality is, we’ll be a lot better off if we recharge…and so will they.

Relaxation Gift Basket #TrendTea

So, I decided to make Erin a special Mommy Care Basket incorporating some key items to help her remember to relax.

The first thing I did was head to the store to purchase some Bigelow tea.  {Can I get a woo-hoo for my fave store, Target?!}  I know that when I want to have some down time, I love to just curl up in a comfy chair with a warm beverage and a book or magazine and have no other responsibilities.  I thought that would be a great treat for Erin too, so I picked up some Plantation Mint {my personal favorite} as well as an Assorted Variety Pack to give her lots of flavor options…minty, fruity, plain, and more.


Then, I had fun getting crafty and using my Cameo to create this “Mommy’s Sippy Cup” travel mug for her to use when drinking her hot tea.  Even though she’ll typically be having her me-time at home, she likes using cups with lids so that there aren’t any accidents, given the fact that there are three little boys, two dogs, and two cats running around.

Relaxation Gift Basket #TrendTea

Erin and I are doing My Fitness Pal together, so I knew better than to give her a ton of high-calorie sweets and snacks to go with her tea.  Instead, I stuck with mixed nuts, which are a great high-protein snack, and just one Mounds bar as a special treat, since it’s her favorite.

Finally, since I love making jewelry, I created this “Be Still” necklace to add to the mix.  She can wear it as a reminder that when she’s overwhelmed and tired, it’s okay to take time out to relax, to be still, and to take care of herself.  Because it’s only after we take care of ourselves that we can take care of everyone else.


Put it all together and Erin has everything she needs for some relaxing time to herself!

Relaxation Gift Basket #TrendTea

Of course, I couldn’t just drop the basket and go; I wanted to get her started right by giving her an immediate opportunity to take a break and relax while someone else took care of that adorable little blonde army of hers.  Her kiddos are a bundle of energy, but they’re as cute and sweet as can be, so “Aunt Amy” is happy to get some playtime with them.  And I do love me some Squishy snuggles!


I know it may not seem like much, compared to all the support that Erin received when Squishy was first born, but at least the contents of my basket can be a daily reminder to take good care of herself.  Each day, she can brew herself a warm tasty treat in her special mug and remember to breathe.  To be still.  To take one day at a time, and to know that she’s not in this alone.


Relaxation Gift Basket #TrendTea

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  1. My daughter is now five years old but I still remember the challenges of having a new baby at home. Everyone is so excited and then a few months in it starts getting a little too quiet. You put so much thought into this gift basket…I’m sure your friend appreciates you and the relaxing moments you provided! #client

  2. I love the idea of pampering the “slightly not so new anymore” mom! THey need it the most! Such a great idea and I love relaxing with tea- too perfect! Great idea!

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