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Pin It   I am SO thrilled today to be sharing with you at One Artsy Mama. I started reading during the One Crafty Contest and have been a faithful reader ever since! Okay, you aren’t here to read how much I love this blog (we all just do!) you are here to see what I have to share.
Today I have…. (drumroll please!)

My inspiration for this is my three year old son. He LOVES to win…. doesn’t matter if he actually does win, he will say he is the winner. If I want him to do something, I just make it a race against his little brother (who is easy to beat!) and he gets it done. I probably hear, “I’m the winner.” “I’m the fastest” “I’m was first” a million times a day. So…. in honor of Jack AND the Olympics (which I am obsessed with!) today I am sharing how to make you very own gold medal!
Now EVERY kid can be a winner!
Photobucket First, gather your supplies. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up round wooden discs ( I was hoping to find a pack, but had to buy them separate), gold spray paint ( I used a weekly internet 40% coupon!), beading wire, a black marker, and ribbon (which happened to be half off that day, score!) We drilled small holes at the top of each disc, peeled off the labels and sprayed both sides gold. I sprayed two coats on each side. PhotobucketNext, cut your ribbon. I cut approx. 25 inches for each. Sew with right sides together at an angle on the bottom. Press open. Fold a thin wire in half (about 8 inches long, 4 when folded), thread through the hole, and twist to secure. Write you message on one (or both) sides. I wrote, “You are GOLD.” on all of mine. 
PhotobucketNow to attach the disc to the ribbon… Turn both the ribbon and the gold disc to the back side and hold the ribbon ends up. Spread the wire and put one side on either side of the seam. I folded the wire over so it wouldn’t stick out and used hot glue to hold the wire to the ribbon and the ribbon to itself. When you have both sides glued, trim any extra ribbon and you are finished!
And now you are ready for our family favorite saying… Photobucket “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!” Photobucket
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  1. OH my gosh I LOVE THIS! I don’t have kids to make them for but my husband has been saying the past few days that he wants to win a gold medal 🙂 I think I will have to make some for him! Love it! XO

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