Stenciled Monogram Coasters

Now that I have new {and repainted} living room furniture, everything about the room looks different…which means my old coasters looked out of place.  So, I went down to my crafting stash and made a new set…here’s how to make your own in a few simple steps!


TIME REQUIRED: 30 minutes

– blank white tiles {you can find these in the hardware store for less than 20 cents a piece!}
– Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint
Martha Stewart Multi Surface Paint, White
– Martha Stewart Monogram Stencil Silkscreen
FolkArt Fab Frames Stencil
– Stencil Brush
Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge
– Tape
– Felt
– Scissors
– Hot glue and glue gun


Step 1: Tape your stencil to the center of the coaster and apply a coat of grey paint.  Let this dry completely before you move on.  I find that using a stencil brush or sponge brush and tapping lightly is the best way to get good coverage.  If you move your brush back and forth, the paint will not stick well to the tile.

Step 2: Give the center part a second coat.  I did this without the stencil in place, I just stayed within the lines and applied more paint.

*TIP*: If you get some paint where you don’t want it, you can either remove it with a cotton swap dipped in rubbing alcohol, or let it dry and carefully scrape it off with a fingernail.


Step 3: When your grey paint is completely dry, stick your silkscreen monogram in the center.  Gently apply white paint.  It’s very easy to overload a silkscreen with too much paint, which will make it bleed where you don’t want it to go.  I chose to apply my paint with my fingertip so I had better control, and it worked really well!

Step 4: Wait until all the paint is totally dry, then apply a coat of Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge.  This will protect it from condensation and make it easy to use and clean.

Step 5: Cut a square of felt slightly smaller than your tile and glue it to the bottom so that it doesn’t scratch your table.


That’s it!  Now your coasters are ready to use…or to give as a gift!  What a great wedding present this would be, with the new couple’s monogram!  It would also make a great Christmas gift for anyone on your list, and you can make a set of four for less than $1!  That’s my kind of present.



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