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Hey all, it’s Erin with a little crafty chaos! My eldest (Prince C) is off to four year old pre-k these days, and I decided to do some home school preschool activities with my middle child Bam Bam (who you might remember seeing in our Simple Sensory Pillow post). Every Monday and Wednesday, Bam Bam and I get to have a special time together doing activities that work on math, language, fine motor skills, and other important life skills. I know a lot of you still have little ones at home, and Amy asked if I could share a couple of things we’ve been doing!

Apple Sorting

This activity can be used for colors, for math skills, and for fine motor skills! Grab some paper lunch bags, red, yellow, and green construction paper, and some red, yellow, and green pom poms. Just cut off the top of the bag, add a colored handle with tape, and bam! Apple basket!

IMG_8852So now Bam Bam can take turns sorting the “apples” by color into the baskets, or I can say, “put 4 RED apples into the basket”, and he works on his counting skills. Click HERE to see this activity in action!



In case you’re wondering whose hands those are on the table…


We also read some apple books, did some apple coloring, and some apple shape matching.


(yes, a Squishy and a doggy photobomb)

Apple Paint Rolling

This was a fun craft for Bam Bam! Grab a box, place a cut out of an apple on the inside, and squirt some red, yellow, and green paint inside. Toss in an apple (real or fake, although real has weight to it) and let the child shake the box side to side. The apple rolls through the paint over the apple cut out creating awesome patterns! Take out the apple cut out, let dry, glue it to construction paper, and add a fun apple poem!


We have a couple other fun apple things planned, such as visiting an orchard, making apple sauce muffins, and making apple prints. Bam Bam and I are really enjoying our one on one time together, even if it is only for about an hour and I love watching him learn new skills.

Wanna see one of our favorite apple projects we did? Make sure to read your issue of the One Artsy Mama newsletter this Friday! 😉

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