1. Kelly Fox-LaPorte says

    You know, sometimes it almost takes a sledge hammer for me to get what I’m being told. I tend to ‘deny’ that the message is for me. But thankfully, since becoming a Mommy, I’ve learnt how to pick up on them a lot quicker (which saves the aforementioned headache from the sledge hammer). I love that you embraced it and the bracelet is beautiful.

  2. Trisha @ Inspiration Laboratories says

    Love this Amy. I think it’s funny that God repeats a message we need to hear over and over again until we get it. Just like a child,I apparently need the repetition.

    The message behind the song, “It Is Well” nearly always bring me to tears. The songwriter wrote it after losing his family. Very powerful.

  3. Nici - Posed Perfection says

    Very pretty, Amy. I love the bracelet and the sign. Isn’t it so great when we “get” the message from God that he’s trying to tell us something or reassure us? Thanks for sharing this. I am your newest follower. I hope you’ll stop by Posed Perfection for a visit soon and maybe even a follow back. Have a great weekend!

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