Hand Stamped Necklaces: My Newest Creations

Ever since I got my metal stamping supplies for Christmas, I have absolutely loved making all kinds of meaningful, personal, one-of-a-kind stamped jewelry.  Some of it, of course, I sell on Etsy, but much of it ends up being either just for me or a special gift for someone I love.  I get really excited when I find new shapes of stamping blanks and new kinds of charms to play around with because I feel like the possibilities are endless.  I recently made two new necklaces and since some of you said on Facebook that you wanted to see them, here they are…

This first one is, I think, my favorite necklace I’ve ever made for myself.


It’s meaningful to me for several reasons; one is that the date stamped at the top is our wedding day.  The small blue bead represents the birthstone for December, which is both my birth month and our anniversary.  And, the word “beloved” signifies so much for me.  For one thing, since this kind of represents our marriage, it reminds me of my husband’s unconditional love.  It also reminds me that I’m loved by God.  And, finally, “Beloved” is actually the meaning of my name; Amy comes from the French ami, beloved.  Which, in turn, reminds me that I’m loved by my parents too…nice, huh?  Who knew one little necklace could mean so much?

This second one was a gift for my Mom.  She found the little tree charm at Hobby Lobby and really liked it, so she asked if I’d make her a necklace with it.  Here’s what I came up with:


When I started working on it, I called her to see what she wanted me to stamp.  She {like me} is a most indecisive individual, so she couldn’t come up with a definite answer right away.  As she was thinking, it suddenly occurred to me that I could use her favorite Bible verse. 

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! B)”> Do not be anxious about anything,

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  1. Your necklaces are beautiful, and I love that they have such meaning. Phil 4:4 was the first verse I memorized after becoming a Christian- short and easy and so important! I love the extra little swirl on the purple bead- you totally planned that! 🙂

  2. I love my necklace so much…I knew you would come up with something great…
    Thank you bunches…You truly are my “beloved” daughter…

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