Lego Party: The Favors, Part 3

Last week, I showed you two of the fun favors we made for Little Crafter’s birthday using our Lego Minifigure Mold.  {If you missed them, be sure to check out the crayons and chocolates}!  Here’s one more take-home gift for his little friends that was ever-so cheap and easy to make!
Lego bricks
Super glue or jewelry glue
Cord or chain
For this project, you don’t have to know anything about making jewelry. 
STEP 1: Choose the bricks you want to use.  I like the 2×2 or 2×3 ones size-wise.  We got ours at the local Lego store where they have a “Pick a Brick” wall.  We got to fill up a little container with whatever size, shape, and color bricks we liked best from their assortment.

STEP 2: Flip bricks over and glue a bail {I got mine on Etsy} to the top center.  Don’t forget, each little popped-up spot has the word “Lego” printed on it…you might want to make sure they’re right side up when you’re choosing which side is the top.  Just sayin’…ask me how I know…

STEP 3: When glue is dry, attach cord.  I used stretchy elastic cord so that it will easily go over the kids’ heads; that way I don’t have to worry about clasps or anything fancy.  I just cut the cord and knotted it. 

Ta-da!!  It’s that simple!  And I just know the kids are going to love them…Little Crafter insisted on getting his right now so he can wear it around while he waits for his big day to come.
Stay tuned for more Lego fun!  Happy Crafting!

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