Knights and Dragons Party: Dragon Mountain Party Game


With a gaggle of little boys coming for an exciting evening of knight training, I knew that gross motor activities were the way to go. I also love any activity that involves a take home memento, and our “Dragon Mountain” activity definitely fit the bill!



Dragon Eggs

-Paper Mache Boxes

-Glitter Gold Spray Paint

-Plastic Dragons-I got mine HERE and HERE

-Dried Moss


Dragon Nest

-Grapevine Wreath

-Grapevine Nest

Dragon Mountain

-Inflatable Dragon-I got mine HERE

-Place to Climb (ladder, stairs, playground,  adult supervision required)

Dragon Eggs- We (I say we, because my husband didn’t want me too close to the fumes of the spray paint for baby’s sake) spray painted the paper mache boxes gold.




Spray Paint Eggs


I filled each box with some of the moss and then made tags for the inside of the lids with names of the dragons and a birth date.

Dragon In Egg

Dragon Nest: The dragon nest was super duper easy. I just snagged a grapvine wreath and a pre-made bird nest from Michaels. I wedged the nest inside the wreath, added the eggs, and bam, dragon nest!


Dragon Mountain: We are super lucky to have this awesome climbing mountain in the backyard. As you see, the nest fit perfectly on the top, and our “ferocious dragon” guarded the mountain from her cave. You could easily adapt this at home, just make sure you have adult supervision if the kids are climbing up high! The boys absolutely adored climbing up past the “sleeping dragon” and snatching an egg. They were tickled to death that there were little baby dragons for them to take home too! This activity can also be used for a variety of themes, just switch out “dragon” and “dragon eggs” and the sky’s the limit! 





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