Estimation Station: A Pirate Party Game

Hey, friends!  As you know, Little Crafter requested a Pirate Party this year for his birthday, so I’m {somewhat literally} up to my ears in pirate-themed things right now.  We’ve been having fun coming up with favors, games, decorations, and more.  I plan to show you everything as we get it ready, so be sure to check back for more pirate-y fun!  Today, I’ve got a very simple Pirate Party Game for you that mateys of all ages will enjoy.


Somehow, no matter how young or old a pirate might be, it’s always fun to guess how much treasure there is, right?!  This is super simple; guests may not touch, move, shake, or otherwise contact the box or its contents.  They have to guess how many gold dubloons are contained in the chest, write their answer on a slip of paper, and the best guesser wins a prize!

All I did was take a wooden treasure box from Michaels and stain it using my trusty Martha Stewart wood stain.  Originally, it was a very light wood; now it looks aged and like a real treasure chest, doesn’t it?  I just applied the stain with a brush, one coat, and let it dry.  If I were actually staining furniture, I would have gone over it with a soft cloth and applied more coats, but I didn’t want this to look too even and perfect…it has to be fit for a pirate, right?

treasure 1

Once the chest was dry, I filled it up with plastic coins from the party store!


Doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?  Guests will write their answers down and put them in this twine wrapped container I decorated last month.  Originally, I made it as part of a set of patriotic decorations, but I thought the colors and the feel of it went nicely with our party theme too!  Yay for repurposing an already repurposed container!  Win!


I printed up a bunch of signs for the various activities guests can participate in at the party.  I tried to make the names of each one rhyme with the word “station,” so I called this the “Estimation Station.”  You can print your own copy of the sign by going here, saving it to your computer, and printing it on 8.5×11″ cardstock!  I actually used Silhouette chipboard for mine.


So what’s your guess?  How many dubloons does this treasure chest contain?  I’ll let you know on the 11th!

Hugs & Glitter,


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  1. That is such a cute, simple, and pretty inexpensive party game, love it! Definitely going to pin this once I’m on my computer! And, Martha makes stain?!? Where have I been, living under a rock?
    I’m going to guess 60 coins. 🙂

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