Presenting…the Ultimate Pirate Party!

Hey, friends!  Most of you already know that Little Crafter chose to have a Pirate Party for his 5th birthday.  I’ve posted about many of the different pieces of the celebration individually, but in case you missed some, here’s the round-up!

Ultimate Pirate Party @oneartsymama #pirate #party #birthdayparty

The Decorations

Printable Signs:
The signs I made for labeling each different “station” at the party can be downloaded from Google Drive by clicking the links below.  They’re sized to fit 8.5×11 paper; I actually printed mine on Silhouette Chipboard.

pirate party sign

Celebration Station Sign
Pirate Transformation Station Sign

Estimation Station Sign
Spyglass Creation Station Sign
Picture Takin’ Station Sign
Treasure Excavation Station

Celebrate and Photo Banners
Tutorial provided for how I made some special pennant banners with help from Cammie, my beloved Silhouette Cameo.

Pirate Party Photo Banner

The Favors

For kids ages 2-10:
See what Little Crafter put inside each of these bandanas!

Pirate Party Favors: One Artsy Mama

For mateys ages 2 and under:
We put together something different for our smallest guests since some of the other favor contents were either choking hazards or not baby-proof in some other way.  Each “baby” favor contained a pirate rubber ducky {from Walmart} and a Take ‘n Toss Sippy Cup.  I used Cammie to cut out the anchor design from Pic Monkey in permanent adhesive vinyl and applied one to each cup.

Pirate Party Favors

The Food

Jake and Friends Cupcakes:
See how we made these festive and fun cupcakes, and the special Jake toppers too!

pirate cupcakes

The Activities

Pirate Transformation Station:
We greeted each little guest {ages 10 and under} by giving him/her the opportunity to transform into a pirate!  Headbands, tattoos, stickers, face paint…what more could a matey ask for?

Pirate Party Dress-up

Treasure Excavation Station:
I think this was the kids’ favorite activity; digging for “buried treasure” in a container filled with sand.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Spyglass Creation Station:
Little pirates need spyglasses…why not make them out of old paper towel rolls, construction paper, and stickers?

Spyglass Creation StationEstimation Station:
We wanted to make sure there were activities for mateys of all ages, not just the 10 and under crowd, so we fixed up this guessing game.

Treasure Chest Guessing Game

Picture Takin’ Station:
This last activity was for guests of all ages too, and it was totally my personal favorite.  The Pirate Photo Booth!

Pirate Photo Booth Props

All you need are a few theme-based props, and the fun can begin!  Don’t miss seeing the best and silliest of the photos we got with our guests!

pirate photo booth

Hope you enjoyed all the pirate party ideas!  I’d love to know if you incorporate any of them into your own celebrations!

Hugs & Glitter,


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