Pirate Party: The Photo Booth

Ok, friends, you’ve seen several of the games and some of the decorations from Little Crafter’s Pirate Party so far.  Now, today I get to show you my absolute favorite part.  The Picture Takin’ Station!

photo sign

I’m not sure how the somewhat recent trend of photo booths at parties came to be, but I absolutely love it.  Particularly when it involves funny props.  Our church even did something similar last year for our directory photos, which turned out hysterically…even if it is hard to identify some people.  For LC’s party, I gathered together a bunch of pirate themed toys and accessories we had around the house and put them in this basket.  I also downloaded a set of pirate mustaches from the Silhouette Online Store.  Cammie cut them out for me and I taped them onto wooden craft sticks.

pirate photo props

If you’re doing this for your own party, you can use absolutely any combination of themed props you like and have on hand!  To give you some ideas, here are the things our guests had to choose from:

– foam pirate hat
– red cloth headbands
– bandanas
– black scarf/sash
– empty root beer bottles
– treasure map
– spyglass toy
– paper mustaches
– eyepatch {made from felt and ribbon}
– stuffed parrot

LC’s guests {big and small alike} had a ball with the photos…and I love how it brought out different parts of everyone’s personalities!  I would love to show you ALL of the photos, but that would take all day.  So, here are a few of the silliest, cutest, and all around best ones…and you might see a few familiar faces in there.

You can’t have a party without your bestie, so of course Erin {the one and only, fabulous Crafty Chaos contributor} was there with one of her boys, Mr. C.
She and I decided to test out the photo booth first.  We started with a tribute to the awkward Olan Mills pose a lá 1985.  Mostly because Erin wanted to sit down.  Since she’s pregnant and significantly taller than me, I let her.


The bottles were empty…promise.


Little Crafter wanted to play peek-a-boo with the spyglass…I see you!


Some of our favorite artsy playmates, the M family {you may remember them from our pom-pom trees, monster pillows, and other crafty adventures}, came to celebrate with us!  O-man and Princess E looked adorable as pirates, don’t you think?


Seriously, how cute is she?!  I would adopt her in a second…except that I don’t think her Mommy would go for that.


Speaking of her mommy…Brandee and I have a long and fun history of silly photos starting when we were in college together.  Including an incident involving a hot tub in the mall, a Chick-fil-a Cow, and the “Boring United Methodist Church.”  Literally.  There’s a town near us called Boring, and, well…anyway…


Even the men got in on the fun…


How many of you follow Christina at The Scrappy Housewife?  She and her hubs came to celebrate with LC, who loves them to pieces because they’ll play Legos with him and Ms. Christina let him use her iPad one time.  She told me I needed the coffee mug instead of the bottle…St-ARRR-bucks anyone?!


And, of course, we had to get a few family photos…this one right here is the money shot.  Can you say Christmas Card?


This was so simple to set up and so much fun!  I think guests of all ages enjoyed it…I know LC sure did and so did I!  What kind of silly props could YOU use to set one of these up at your next get-together?

Hugs & Glitter,


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  1. What a great idea, Amy. If you are one of those “mean moms” (like me) who insists her children learn(ed) to send thank you notes, you could include a printed photo in each note. The recipients would love it.

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