Puppy Birthday Party

Hi Friends! If you’re new to Amy Latta Creations, my name is Erin, and I’m Amy’s assistant. When I’m not working for Amy, I like to do all kinds of creative projects. One of my favorite things to do is throw birthday parties for my children. I find a lot of joy in creating the perfect party that reflects my child’s interest, as well as making it enjoyable for others. This year my darling daughter turned three and is obsessed with all things puppy! It went without saying that a puppy party was the perfect thing to help celebrate our big 3 year old, and I can’t wait to share all the details with you!

One of my favorite ways to tie in the theme is to design my own printables. This allows me to have similar graphics across the board, on signs, on favor bags, etc, and lets me have a color scheme as well. I usually buy digital papers and elements on Etsy, and then manipulate them in my own program. I started with a welcome sign, and it sets the tone for the rest of the party! Don’t you want to come right in and start to celebrate?

Station 1: Puppy Adoption Center

When guests first arrived, they got to visit the “Wet Noses, Warm Hearts Puppy Adoption Center”. The girls got to go into the fenced area and choose their own puppy. (Amazon finds: Melissa and Doug Cardboard Doghouse, Mini Flopsies from Aurora)

After they picked the perfect puppy, they headed over to get their adoption certificates filled out. I was also able to laminate the certificates before the kids took them home.

It helps when your best friend is pretty good at hand lettering and kinda adores her “niece”. Amy did get her own puppy outta the deal. 😉

After the puppy adoption was official, the girls decorated the puppy’s carrying crate with stickers. In reality, the crates were white favor boxes, and I cut out front doors, and reinforced the bottoms with packing tape. (Favor Boxes, Stickers from Amazon)

Station 2: Pet Store

There were several stations set up in the basement, and the party-goers were allowed to go back and forth between them. This gave them a chance to play, imagine, and take time to enjoy their puppies. One stop was the “Playful Pup Pet Store”, where you could get everything you needed to help take care of your new friend.

Adorable right? Here are some quick details:

The Bags-I just designed stickers and stuck them on front. The bags were a must-have because it kept everything contained!

The Shopping Lists-I laminated those suckers, so the kids could take them home and keep playing!

The Bed-Dollar Section at Michaels

The Blankets-I made them with fleece and minky dot fabric.

The Pillows-Made those too!

The Balls-Dollar Store ping pong balls that I decorated with paw prints.

The Bones-Made those with leftover white fleece I had lying around and stuffed them with fluff!

The Food-Dollar Store containers with sticker paper labels, the food was a mixture of black and brown pom poms.

Station 3: Vet Office

The next stop for our guests was the vet office, where they could make sure puppy was healthy and ready to go home! They also got a jar of “Puppy Vitamins” to take home, as well as the check up list.

Quick Details:

Vitamins: Empty glitter jars from Michaels, with colored pom poms. I created sticker labels.

Check Up Lists-Laminated again!

Vet set-One of the main kits was a Melissa and Doug Veterinary Kit

Also, my husband was sneaky, and found gold “O” and “W” balloons and spelled out “Ow”. Ha!

Station 4: The Groomer

The last station was a trip to the puppy groomer. The kids could give their puppies baths, and deck them out in bows and bandanas.

Quick Details:

Bathtubs-Dollar Store

Washcloths-Dollar Store, cut into quarters

Brushes, Combs, Travel Size Spray Containers-Around the house!

Bows-Claire’s old headbands, we just wrapped them around the puppy’s neck a few times

Bandanas-Scraps of Fabric

Party Activity: Obedience School

I only did one “organized” activity. Why? Because they were mostly 3 and their attention span is short. Plus? The rest of the party acted as entertainment enough. Score 1 for me! I brought all the girls (and my youngest son) into the living room and we sat in a circle with our puppies. I talked about teaching Puppy some rules, and we learned different commands like “Sit”, “Stay”, “Down”, “Roll Over”, and their favorite, “Speak!” When I said “sit”, I put the puppy into a seated position, and the kids followed suit. When I said “Speak” I made pretend bark sounds. The kids LOVED it and it was just enough to keep their interest. I could have done a “Simon Says” type of obedience school with slightly older kids, but I kept it simple. And seriously, LOOK how cute it was!

Food and Decor

I mostly decorated the dining room, but added balloons to the rest of the house to keep it festive. Snacks were kept simple and “puppy-themed”, and I let the small party-goers eat on the floor picnic style. Simple and sweet =) (Also, sorry about the lighting…it was rainy and dark all day)

Quick Details:

Balloons (including the dog balloons and the “woof” letters) and Birthday Banner-Amazon

Dog Bowls-Dollar Store


Scooby Snacks

Cupcakes-the decorations were mini oreos and chocolate chips made to look like a paw print

Apple Sauce Pouches

Pigs in Blanket

Kibbles and Bits=Pretzel Sticks and Cocoa Puffs


Drinks-Milk and Juice boxes

When I plan my kids’ birthday parties, I tend to focus more on the activities and the experience. I LOVED receiving texts of pictures of little girls playing with their puppies well after the party was over, and it brought me so much joy to see my daughter have the time of her life! Happy 3rd birthday dear daughter!

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