TMNT Pizza Cookies {and other Party Snack Ideas}

Raise your hand if you love pizza!  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sure do {especially Michaelangelo!}, so as we were planning the snacks for Little Crafter’s TMNT Birthday party, I knew we needed to incorporate pizza somehow.  We held the party from 1-3, not at a mealtime, so instead of serving actual pizza, we decided to make pizza cookies!  Take a look…

TMNT Pizza Cookies

You need:
– sugar cookies {mine were Pillsbury Ready To Bake! Sugar Cookies}
– red and yellow cookie icing {mine was Betty Crocker Decorating Cookie Icing}
– cinnamon candies

These were really easy to make and I think they’re just adorable!  You know me, I’m no chef, so although you could certainly make your own sugar cookies from scratch, I personally turned to my friend the Pillsbury Dough Boy and enlisted his help.  He even makes cookie dough that’s already broken into two dozen cookie sized chunks, so all LC and I had to do was place them on our baking stone and bake them according to the package directions.

Once the cookies were done baking, we pulled them off the baking stone and let them cool completely.  If you try to apply the icing while they’re still warm, you will get a hot mess.  Literally.


Once the cookies are cool, it’s time to prep your icing.  You can use whatever kind you like; this is the kind my grocery store sells and I’ve found it easy to work with, so this is what I used.  All you have to do is knead the bag for 2-3 minutes, remove the cap, and cut the tip.

I started with the red icing and squeezed it in the center of each cookie, then took a knife and spread it out like pizza sauce.  I didn’t want it to be a perfect circle, because pizza sauce never is!


I let the red icing harden for awhile, then went back and added a layer of yellow icing on top.  I still had a few issues with it wanting to mix in with the red, but I learned that if I squeezed a bunch in the center and gently spread it outward, that worked best.  Finally, while the yellow icing was still soft, I pressed five cinnamon candies into it to look like pepperoni.


Seriously.  How cute is that!?  It’s a pizza.  No, it’s a cookie.  It’s a pizza cookie!

TMNT Pizza Cookies

I’m pretty sure Michaelangelo would approve.  Little Crafter’s friends certainly did.

TMNT Pizza Cookies

Just in case you happen to be considering your own TMNT party or at the very least, a Ninja Turtle themed snack, I thought I’d share with you the full menu se served.  Remember, it wasn’t meal time, so it was more like appetizers and desserts.

Green Grapes {green like turtles, you know!}
Round Crackers with Sliced Cheese and Pepperoni
String Cheese
Pizza flavored Goldfish Crackers
Pretzel Rods {aka nunchucks}
Pizza Cookies
Ice Cream with Toppings bar

All of the snacks were a hit…at least based on how few leftovers we had!  What do you think, would you enjoy a good pizza cookie?


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