TMNT Party Photo Booth

Who’s ready for even more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fun?!  Besides making Pizza Magnets and Turtle Puppets and playing with Sewer Slime, we also had a Party On Photo Booth where the little guests could dress up like their favorite turtles and have their pictures taken!

Photo Booth

This was actually one of the easiest activities to put together, and I love that it gives us adorable photos of all LC’s guests.  I’m already thinking of making a Shutterfly photo book of the party and these would be so cute to include…a visual record of all his friends at this age!

To make a photo booth, all you need to do is gather theme-appropriate props.  Ours were a combination of TMNT toys and accessories we’d purchased and things I made for the occasion.  Here’s a list of what we happened to have on hand for the kids to use:

– a turtle shell
– toy nunchucks
– a photo of a pizza
– turtle masks 
– “Cowabunga” sign

Each child got to choose his/her own favorite props and strike a pose.  We took the photos outside because it was a gorgeous day and I wanted to take advantage of the natural lighting.  Here’s what LC chose: his shell, his nunchucks, and a pizza…a true Michaelangelo.

party9 - Copy

His friend Curious D opted for the nunchucks, a Leonardo mask, and the Cowabunga sign.  You might recognize the sign from a previous post; I made it using Krylon spray paint, a gold Krylon paint marker, and vinyl letters I cut out using “Cammie.”


Mr. Why also headed right for the nunchucks and a Leonardo mask, then struck a tough guy pose.  Let’s talk for just a second about the masks…I made enough for each child to have one to take home as one of their favors.  To create them, all I did was cut long strips of Oly*Fun {which is fabulous because it doesn’t fray or require any sewing whatsoever}, then cut eye-shaped holes in the center so the little turtles could still see.  I will say that although they were all anxious to put them on at first, most of the kids quickly tired of having something over their eyes and faces and ended up putting them in their favor bags for later.

party11 - Copy

O-man wanted to wear the turtle shell, and held the Cowabunga sign too.

party13 - Copy

There were lots of other really adorable photos, but I want to leave you with my favorite…take a look at this sweet little turtle.

party17 - Copy

This was seriously simple to do and I love how the photos express the kids’ personalities too, based on the props they chose and the faces they made!  Stay tuned for more of the fun activities and games from the party, coming soon!


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  1. All the boys look like they are having so much fun! My son would only be so-so about this idea (he hates dressing of any kind), but my husband would love it (he still has his TMNT coin collection)!

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