Baby Shower Pennant Banner


For some reason, spring time seems to not only be the season of bridal showers, but baby showers as well. There’s just nothing sweeter then celebrating birth while the flowers start to bloom! I (Erin) was enlisted to help with a dear friend’s shower, and one of my jobs was to create a sweet “It’s a Girl” banner. Here’s the design I came up with! (Mad props to Amy who helped assemble this sucker, since I could barely get my pregnant body off the couch!)

Baby Shower Pennant Banner



-Card stock, various colors


-Glue Dots

-Mod Podge


-Optional-Flowers or other adornments

Step 1: Design and cut out your banner parts. I used my Cameo, but you can easily do this by hand, and use alphabet stickers for the letters!

Step 2: Mod podge the back of your letters on to cardstock. I designed several layers, so I glued the letters to just one part of the banner.


Step 3: Using glue dots, attach the letter layer to the pennant.


Step 4: Fold ribbon in half, attach to both sides of the pennant using glue dots.




Step 5: Attach the pennants to the string using glue dots. This is also the time to attach your “spacers” like my flowers.



Step 6: Hang and enjoy!

bannerfireplaceThe banner turned out wonderfully, and thanks to Amy’s help, was assembled fairly quickly. The mother-to-be also loved it, and it will be the perfect keepsake for her sweet baby girl!  So many baby showers coming up still! How about you guys? Is your calendar filling up with baby and bridal showers?

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