Dry Erase Ultrasound Magnet


Friends, have you heard the super exciting news? The One Artsy Mama team is expanding by two feet…ERIN is HAVING A BABY! {Got that? ERIN, NOT ME!} Yes, that’s right, she has three adorable boys at home and is getting ready to welcome a fourth little one this September! Which means we get to feature some fun baby themed things here on the blog in the coming months starting with today’s post.


Poor Erin has been dealing with all the fabulous side effects of the first trimester including nausea, dizziness, and especially fatigue, so she hasn’t been up to her normal crafting schedule, but she did manage to create this sweet magnet to help the whole family count down to the baby’s arrival! Last week, I got to go with her for her first ultrasound to determine the due date, and she got a cute little photo as a souvenir. Here’s how she created this magnet to display it, as well as allow the rest of the family to get involved in the countdown!


I (Erin) have definitely been hit hard this time around in the world of 1st tri pregnancy, but I wanted to at least create something for the boys to help welcome baby. It’s a very simple project, but would be great for a gift for the mother-to-be in your life!


-Small Wooden Frame

-Washi Tape

-Wooden Number

-Glue Dots


-Paint/Paint Brushes

-Dry Erase Vinyl

Step 1: Paint your frame.  I went with white.


Step 2: Add Washi Tape. 


Step 3: Paint Number and use a glue dot to attach. I went with a 4, because, duh, it’s our 4th addition!


Step 4. Glue magnets to the back.



Step 5: Cut out and add a piece of dry erase vinyl to the front, then frame your sweet ultrasound picture! I added dry erase vinyl, because every week the boys can help me change the number and count down to baby time!



And if you wondered how we announced to the world about our special arrival this September, well, here it is! We are so excited to add to our family, although I’m more enthused about the arrival of 2nd trimester in a couple of weeks!


I (Amy) can’t wait to meet Baby #4…it’s so much fun being “Aunt Amy” to the other three sweeties in Erin’s little blonde army and I can’t wait for baby snuggles! Especially since I don’t have to do any midnight feedings or diaper changes…being an auntie is the best!


Stay tuned for more baby projects and to help us guess whether Erin’s having a BOY or a GIRL!

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