Pirate Party: The Treasure Hunt

What’s a pirate p-arrrrr-ty without treasure?!  One of the most fun things we set up for the little mateys to do at Little Crafter’s celebration this weekend was a Treasure Excavation Station!  All you need to make one is a large container, sand, “treasures,” and shovels!  Here’s a peek at ours…


A few days before the party, we bought a long plastic storage box {you can never have too many of those, right?!} and some treasures from the party store. Hubby brought home a 50 lb bag of sand from work and Little Crafter and I got the fun job of hiding everything while we waited for the Ravens game to start!


I helped dig little holes and LC dropped the treasures in.  We had just about as much fun hiding them as they did digging them up at the party.  Except that Little Crafter and I both got several mosquito bites on our elbows…random!  What’s that about?!  I guess we’re both just too sweet!


We hid a bunch of mardi gras necklaces, some rings, some colored glass stones {like what you’d put in a decorative vase or even a fish bowl}, and some plastic “gold nuggets”.

treasure hunt

Each child got a paper bag labeled with his or her name to hold everything they found.  They had a ball playing in the sand with the shovels, and several of them kept on playing even after they had located all the treasures.

treasure excavation station

When they were finished with the excavation, they also got to visit the “Spyglass Creation Station” where they decorated cardboard tubes with construction paper and stickers.


We had some very busy pirates at our party!  They went home with a ton of loot too; spyglasses, treasure, their favors, and their goodies from the Pirate Transformation Station.

I still have so much more to share with you from the party, including the fun cupcakes, and {my favorite} the photo booth!  Be sure to stay tuned for those posts later this week!  In the meantime, if you missed any of the other Pirate Party fun, here’s where you can find it:

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Hugs and Glitt-arrrrr!


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