No-Sew Felt Coffee Cozy

No-Sew Felt Coffee Cozy

One thing that just about anyone who knows me will tell you is that I love myself some coffee!  Actually, it’s not so much the coffee itself I enjoy, but all the delicious salted caramel, mocha, whipped cream, and other goodies that come with it when I order from my favorite Seattle-based coffee chain. It’s rare to see me without my cup in hand, so one thing I always need is a coffee cozy. And if I’m going to have one, it might as well be stylish and adorable, right? Did you know that you can make an easy, personalized coffee cozy using just felt, scissors, and glue? That’s right, no sewing involved whatsoever. Take a look at how you can make your own and then make one for everyone you know; these are fabulous gift ideas, perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother’s Day, and more!

– felt
– scissors {I like how my Fiskars Amply Mixed Media Shears work with felt.}
– glue
– disposable paper coffee cup and cozy

Step 1: Disassemble the disposable coffee cozy and use it as your pattern. Trace around it and cut that shape from your felt.


Step 2: Wrap your felt around the cup, overlapping the ends. Mark where the ends join, remove the felt from the cup, and glue the two layers of felt together.


Literally, that’s all there is to it. It’s not adjustable like some coffee cozies are, but guess what? Neither are the cardboard ones you get at the coffee shop, and they still work for every size cup! If you have fun felt like the swirly, sparkly pattern I found, your cozy is complete and ready to use. If you don’t have fancy felt and want to challenge yourself a little, you can move on to Step 3.

No Sew Felt Coffee Cozy

Step 3: Cut out felt accents and glue them on along with any other embellishments like glitter or buttons.

No Sew Felt Coffee Cozy

Next Steps: To help make your cozy extra-durable and to give it that hand-stitched look, you can grab a needle and some thread and hand sew along the edges of your cozy as well as around any felt embellishments.

What do you think? This literally takes less than five minutes to make, requires just three supplies, and costs less than a dollar. I can’t think of a friend who wouldn’t enjoy receiving one…especially if it came with a gift card to fill up that cup!

Here are a few other coffee cozy ideas to inspire you:





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