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Friends, I am so excited to be a part of “Spring Bling Week”!  Some of my favorite blogger friends who also make jewelry have teamed up to bring you a week full of tutorials, which will wrap up with four great giveaways!  Today, it’s my turn to share a tutorial with you…here goes:
Do you remember the great giveaway my friend Blythe from Desperate Craftwives sponsored for us at a Shine on Fridays party a few months ago?  She was giving away gorgeous handstamped rings, and she was sweet enough to send me one too!  I fell in love with it immediately and have worn it every. single. day. since it arrived, so when I saw a pack of flat ring blanks in Michaels, I couldn’t resist picking it up and trying to make a few myself…I’m thinking they’ll make great gifts!  If you’re so inspired, here’s how you can try it too:
– steel stamping block
– alphabet stamp set
– hammer
– painters’ tape
– ring mandrel
– ring blanks
– permanent black marker
– silver jewelry polishing cloth

Before you begin, determine what word or phrase you want to stamp on your ring.  I chose, “oh how he loves us,” which is a line from one of my all-time favorite songs by the David Crowder Band.  Write it out on a piece of paper and find the center. 

STEP 1: Tape your blank to the steel block on top of a hard, flat, and stable surface.  Make sure the tape is straight because you’ll be using it as a guide for your letters.

STEP 2: Stamp your letters.  To do this, I mark a line on the tape for the center.  I begin with the center letter, then work outward in both directions.  Place your stamp where you want each letter to be and give it a very firm tap with your hammer.

This is how your ring will look when the stamping is complete.  You can choose to leave it this way, or you can darken the letters for an oxidized look.

STEP 3: To get an oxidized look, the easiest trick is to color over your letters with a black permanent marker.  Yes, this will eventually wear off, but the good news is that you can retouch it anytime by repeating this process and coloring them in again.

STEP 4: Use a polishing cloth to rub off the excess marker.  All that remains will be the marker in the crevices of each letter.

STEP 5: Form ring shape by wrapping blank around a steel mandrel.  You’ll need to use your hammer to tap down the ends.

The great thing is that these rings are adjustable, so you can give them to friends knowing that they won’t be too small, unlike a wire wrapped ring.

I want to try some of the thinner blanks too, now that I know how well the DIY process works, but I like how I can fit two lines of text on these which allows for longer phrases like this one.

What about you?  Do you think you’ll try your hand at ring making?  What would you stamp on yours?

Be sure to visit my friends and check out the fabulous jewelry tutorials they’ve been sharing all week long!

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Hugs & Glitter,

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  1. I love it, Amy! The awesome thing about gifting an aluminum ring is that it is one of the best metals for anyone with metal allergies or sensitivities – people who can’t wear silver often CAN wear aluminum. Perfect gift (or gift for yourself, teehee)! Gorgeous!

    1. I found mine at Michaels. They have limited metal stamping supplies, but that is one thing they do carry.

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