No-Sew Coffee Cozy {with Fabric Duck Tape}!

Hey, friends!  You all know that I’m just a little bit obsessed with coffee, particularly when it comes from a certain Seattle-based coffeeshop.  Today, I want to show you how I made a super-quick, super-easy coffee cozy that requires absolutely no sewing of any kind…and get this.  It uses Duck Tape.  Moment of silence to appreciate the awesomeness of Duck Tape…

Ok.  Now.  Let’s take a quick look at how I made this and you can too!

Duck Tape Coffee Cozy

– Duck Fabric Crafting Tape Roll {mine was a gift from Duck Brand}
– Coordinating felt {about 1/2 a sheet per cozy}
– scissors
– glue
– elastic cord
– button
– disposable coffee sleeve and cup {for sizing}


Let’s pause for a moment to talk about this ridiculously cool new invention called Duck Fabric Crafting Tapes.  They’re fabric on one side, adhesive on the other.  Peel off the backing and stick it anywhere!  There are mini-rolls, rolls, and 8×10 fabric sheets, all available in a variety of prints.  Just imagine the possibilities…

Step 1: Peel off the backing and adhere two strips of Duck Fabric Crafting tape to the felt.  I slightly overlapped them so that there wouldn’t be any noticeable gap in between.


Step 2: Take a paper coffee sleeve and open it up to use as a template.  Flip your felt piece over and trace the template onto the felt side, then cut it out.


Step 3: Cut a small piece of elastic and glue it {I used low-temp hot glue} to the felt side on one end of the cozy.  Wrap it around your sample cup for an idea of sizing and glue your button in place.

Duck Tape Coffee Cozy

I like to use a “tall”/small cup for sizing; that way I know it will fit the smallest cup and the elastic will stretch and allow it to fit a larger one.

Step 4: Get yourself some coffee, and enjoy!

Duck Tape Coffee Cozy

That’s seriously all there is to it!  It took me about five minutes to do this.  I think it’s adorable and the cheerful colors make me think about spring, which is much needed these days!  No sewing, no special skills, just stick, cut, and glue.  It couldn’t be easier, even if you don’t consider yourself a crafter!  What do you think?  Would you wrap this around your cup?



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  1. Fabric Duck Tape looks like a lot of fun. Depending on the cost, it would be a great gift for Teacher Appreciation Week. (We make something for everyone on staff, so cost is multiplied by 65 people.)

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