What I Wore: Plaid and Denim

When I was in NY the other weekend, I had a fashion “aha” moment.  I was shopping with the other New Voices of Beauty and with Dina, a staffer from Lucky Magazine.  We were in Madewell and I was lamenting to Dina that I always gravitate to the same kinds of things…namely skirts and dresses, particularly if they have an A-line or a fit-and-flare cut.  I told her I felt bad because I felt like I “should” be more edgy, more adventurous.  She looked at me and said something profound.


She went on to say that I {or any of us} should feel confident when we find whatever our “signature style” is.  Whatever it is that makes us feel good and look good and compliments our figure, that’s what we should hold on to.  That doesn’t mean we should never take a risk or try something new, but we shouldn’t try to force a round peg into a square hole, or in my case, force myself into leather leggings or a sweater covered in little owls with beaded eyes when it’s just not “me”. 😉  And so, I came home with a new outlook and a new determination to take the things I like and feel good wearing and combine them in as may new and different ways as I can.  And so, I’m in a skirt.  Again.  And I feel good.



{Some of these are affiliate links}: Denim Jacket: Old Navy // Plaid Skirt: Old Navy // Grey t-shirt: Mod Cloth // Leggings: Boscov // Boots: Target // Kara Star Necklace: Kendra Phillip // Monogram Beaded Bracelet: made by me with supplies from Plaid Crafts

I started building this outfit with the comfy grey shirt from Mod Cloth and a pair of stretchy leggings because it was one of those days when I really would have rather been in my pajamas.  Comfort was key.  Then, I looked through my collection of skirts and chose this plaid one from several seasons ago at Old Navy.  I love the colors and the print, but it’s much too short for me to comfortably wear by itself, so it usually just sits in my closet.  But, paired with leggings, I don’t feel over exposed!


To complete the look, I grabbed one of my favorite go-to coverups, my denim jacket.  I wear this literally everywhere.  It came to California and NY with me, and has been everywhere in between.  To accessorize, I chose my Kara Star necklace from Kendra Phillip because it works well with a v-neck, and my monogram bracelet.  {Which you’ll notice is missing in the later pictures because I took it off to work on the computer and forgot to put it back on}.  And, of course, since it’s frigid and there’s snow and ice outside everywhere, I had to go with some boots.


I was comfortable and reasonably warm…what more could a girl ask for?


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  1. Love the outfit! You look beautiful as always! By the way, if you were to wear leather leggings or an owl sweater, it just wouldn’t be you and I like you the way you are!!

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