Beaded Monogram Bracelet

Hey, friends!  The other day, I shared with you about some of my favorite new products coming out this year from Plaid Crafts.  I gave you a sneak peek of the Monogram Collection beads I absolutely love, and today I want to show you the pretty and very simple bracelet I made using the “A” along with an assortment of other beads.  This is so easy that I promise you can make it even if you have never made jewelry before…honestly!  Take a look!

Beaded Monogram Bracelet


– elastic cord
– scissors
– monogram charm {obviously since I made it in their booth, mine was a gift from Plaid Crafts}
– assorted crystals and beads
– clear nail polish {optional}

Beaded Monogram Bracelet

Step 1: Cut a piece of elastic cord twice as long as you need to go around your wrist with a little extra left over.

Step 2: String a bead onto the cord and leave it in the center.  Don’t count this bead when you’re making your pattern; it’s just going to be a placeholder to keep your other beads from falling off the end of the cord.  I didn’t get any actual photos during the process of making this bracelet, so I just photographed an example to show you using other beads at home.


Step 3: With that bead at the bottom, string your other beads onto both pieces of the elastic in whatever pattern you like.  About halfway, add your monogram, then continue to finish your pattern.


Step 4: Push your beads away from your placeholder bead and tie the elastic three times, pulling tightly.  If you like, add a dab of clear nail polish to secure the knot.  Cut the excess elastic off, including the extra placeholder bead.

Beaded Monogram Bracelet

That’s it!  Now you have a pretty, chic monogram bracelet!  We had a blast making them with the fabulous jewelry designer Candie Cooper, who was there to show us the new products and how to play with them!

Beaded Monogram Bracelet

What do you think?  Is this something you’d like to add to your jewelry collection?

Beaded Monogram Bracelet

I love that you can totally personalize it, and that depending on what beads you choose to use, you can create any kind of look you want!  Personally, I was excited to make one that matched my polka dot shirt from Stitch Fix so well.  Thanks, Candie, for letting us play!

Beaded Monogram Bracelet

What would yours look like?

Hugs & Glitter,


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